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SSSS.Gridman Review [Spoiler-Free] | The Anime Daily

Studio Trigger and Tsuburaya Productions have brought back one of the greatest shows of all time. The immensely popular tokusatsu series called Denkou Choujin Gridman has been adapted into an anime series after 25 years. SSSS.Gridman became popular even before it released. After its premiere in 2018, fans of the original series had different reactions towards the adaptation. Hence, if you’re wondering whether to watch this anime or not, here’s a Spoiler-Free SSSS.Gridman Review to help you out.

Denkou Choujin Gridman is tokusatsu series that aired between 1993 and 1994. For those who are not familiar with the word, tokusatsu is a Japanese term for a live-action film or TV drama that makes heavy use of special effects. The 25-year-old series is popular amongst millennials and boomers alike. In fact, it has inspired several Japanese and international projects. The producer of the original series, Studio Trigger, decided to make an anime version of the tokusatsu. The 2018 anime was animated in collaboration with Tsuburaya Productions.

SSSS.Gridman centers around an amnesiac high school student Yūta Hibiki. One day, he wakes up in his classmate’s house, having no memory of his past life. Upon meeting an old computer who refers to himself as Hyper Agent, he sets out to solve the mysteries around him. However, suddenly, the city gets attacked by a giant monster called Kaiju. Yūta then merges with Hyper Agent to become the Gridman, a giant robotic humanoid to save the city.

Is SSSS.Gridman Worth A Watch?

Studio Trigger was pretty confident about SSSS.Gridman way before it ever released. Well, considering the popularity of the original series, the anime created a buzz around its premiere. While fans of the tokusatsu series weren’t as impressed, the 2018 show managed to gain a fanbase of its own. Even though it is heavily inspired by the 1993 series, the anime was appreciated for having a fresh and creative story.

The first few episodes of the anime are slow and predictable. Yet, the series turned into a better version of itself as it grows. The content of the later episodes is interesting enough to hook viewers until the end. SSSS.Gridman is also nostalgic for many fans of the source material. Moreover, the fight scenes animated by the studios are worth appreciation.

Yet, the anime version of the tokusatsu series had to face criticism for having way too many references to other shows like Ultraman. The 2018 show didn’t have any memorable music or characters. Despite having a great story, SSSS.Gridman didn’t meet the standards of Studio Trigger. Hence, you can skip the show if you want. However, we advise tokusatsu fans and mecha otakus to give it a try.

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