How Dragon Ball Z PS5 Will Look Like

PlayStation 5 or PS5 is a home video gaming device. PS5 is originally a successor of PlayStation 4. According to the latest announcement, the next-generation console is going to launch in late 2020. The developer of this next-generation home gaming device is Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Recently on 11 June, 2020 Sony has released its design for the new PlayStation 5. The new design of PS5 by Sony has nailed it with its elegant curves, blue highlights and the contrast of black and white. The latest controller of home gaming PS5 is a dual-sensor touchpad type. The PS5 has combination of black and white cover along with blue radiating light.

Photo Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

However, after the release of the PlayStation 5 console, the people are excited to see it in their favourite game’s console. For this purpose, many fans out there are utilizing their quarantine to redesign the PS5.

They are working on the mock designs and showcasing them on social media. In short, there is a new trend among gaming fans. This trend is to give PlayStation 5 a new look of their favourite anime.

Similarly, Dragon Ball fans have also participated in this mock console by designing Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is a part of the Dragon Ball franchise. Like many other games of Dragon Ball Franchise, it is an action role-playing game. CyberConnect is the developer of Kakarot, under the production of Bandai Namco Entertainment.

According to the latest designs presented by the fans, the PlayStation 5 has typical Kakarot’s orange colour. Whereas, Sai Evermore’s mock design has a touch of blue colour also which is contrasting the Goku’s orange blue theme. The orange radiant light has replaced the blue radiant light at the light bars of the dual-sensor controller of PlayStation 5.

Many of the mock consoles have Son Goku’s impression on the PS5. Similarly, Alex Mason’s design shows Goku, riding on his nimbus. The customized design has a combination of Karakot’s Orange and black rather than white and black cover. The dual sensor controller with its touchpad and Dragon Ball: Z’s signature is making its place in the trend.

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