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Kengan Omega Chapter 128: Fei’s Last Breath! Release Date & Plot

The previous outing of Kengan Omega was a heavy edition for many fans. While battles involving bloodshed are a common trope for the fans, death is certainly not. In the former chapter, the battle between Fei and Wakatsuki continued. Since the beginning of the match, Fei was overpowering his competitor. The mad battle continued until Fei decided to punch Waka with all his might. As a result, he ended up using too much internal strength. In Kengan Omega Chapter 128, Fei will face the consequences of this punch. Here is all you need to know.

In the forthcoming chapter, fans can expect to see Fei in his death bed. After using too much internal strength, Fei ended up cracking his own nerves in the heart. The medics will announce that the champion only has a few moments left in his hands. Thus, Fei will share a heart-rending moment with Ohma in his final breaths.

Kengan Omega Chapter 128

Kengan Omega Chapter 128: Plot Details

The upcoming chapter of Kengan Omega is likely to open with the announcement of the winner between Fei and Wakatsuki. In the final moments of the match, Fei loses his consciousness due to the overuse of his powers. In the next chapter, Ref will notice that Fei is not waking up while Waka is standing even after all his injuries. The opponent would ask the referee if he won the match. However, Rihito will announce that the match is a draw as none of the opponents won with a large margin.

Later on, the medical team would arrive to aid Fei. The doctor will declare that due to the overuse of his powers, Fei cracked open his heart. Now, he only has a few minutes before losing his life. In his last moments, Fei asked to call Ohma. He talked to Ohma about the Tiger’s Vessel. At first, both of them believed that Gaoh Ryuki would be the man to hold the title. However, Fei realizes in his dying moments that Ohma has been the vessel all along. The chapter will end with Fei’s death in the arena.

Kengan Omega Chapter 128

Previous Chapter Recap!

The 127th chapter of Kengan Omega began with the intense battle between Wakatsuki and Fei continued. Wakatsuki tried with all his might to overpower the latter, but he could not find an opening to charge an attack. Instead, he tried to use the Demon defense powers over him. But Fei’s Divine Demon attacks were too powerful to control. For a moment in the match, Waka did get hold of Fei, and he put multiple punches in his chest.

However, Fei grabbed back his chance in the match soon enough. Thus, he held Waka and took revenge for all the punches that the opponent had charged upon him. Finally, after waves of punches, Fei threw Waka at the edge of the arena using on strong punch. However, this punch caused Fei to lose consciousness, and both players fainted in the arena. By the end of the chapter, even Ref Ashina was confused about the winner of the battle.

Kengan Omega Chapter 128
Kodansha Comics

Kengan Omega Chapter 128: Release Date

The latest chapter of the popular martial arts series is going to be an action-packed edition. Fei’s death may have a lasting impact on the upcoming matches. So, Kengan Omega Chapter 128 will release this Friday on October 1, 2021. Fans will find all the episodes of the popular manga on the official website of Kodansha. Moreover, the chapter also releases weekly in the Ura Sunday magazine. Stay tuned with The Anime Daily for more.

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