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Kengan Omega Chapter 129: Ohma Vs Rolon The Final Match! Release Date

Kengan Omega Chapter 129 is almost around the corner, and fans are brimming with excitement to read the next chapter. The story of the manga is in the midst of a very interesting point. After the shocking death of Fei, the scores of the Kengan Association and the Purgatory Tournament are on an even slate. However, the final match is yet to be conducted. This fight will decide the ultimate fate of both associations. So, what will happen next? Here is all you need to know.

In the next chapter of Kengan Omega, fans can expect to see an epic battle between Rolon and Ohma. The two champions have come out to be the strongest players in the entire tournament. Thus, their match is likely to bring unexpected rage and action to the floors. At some point, Tiger will also join the bowl to watch the two fighters collide.

Kengan Omega Chapter 129

Kengan Omega Chapter 129: Plot Details

In the forthcoming chapter of Kengan Omega, fans can expect to see the beginning of the match between Tokita Ohma and Rolon Donaire. From the winning streaks of the scoreboard so far, Rolon has been the stronger player in the games. However, Fei has declared that Ohma is the rightful vessel for Tiger. Thus, there is an equal chance for both the warriors to get the upper hand in the match. In the beginning, Rolon is expected to dominate his opponent as he has a larger physical stature.

However, he might easily lose significant strength and end up getting exhausted. Even in the previous match, Fei was the anticipated winner. But he ended up bursting all his nerves during the battle. In Kengan Omega Chapter 129, fans can also expect to see Tiger enter the match. He might come to the arena to observe the two players. As Ohma was declared to be the best candidate to be the vessel, he might judge his powers through this match.

Kengan Omega Chapter 129

Previous Chapter Recap!

In the 128th chapter of Kengan Omega, Fei ended up losing the match after breaking the nerves in his heart. As a result, the point went in favor of the Kengan Association. Thus, the association and the Purgatory Tournament are on an even plane now. The decisive match was set up between Rolon Donaire and Tokita Ohma. The match would not only declare the winner of the championship, but it would also decide which team would be the dominant one in the merger between the two.

As the game makers moved forward with the last rights of Fei, they also began the preparation of the final round. The hosts reiterated the rules of the match once again. They also declared that the stakes are as high as the absorption in the merger after the match. The chapter ended with Ohma and Rolon prepping for the last fight, which will decide the fate of their entire team.

Kengan Omega Chapter 129

Kengan Omega Chapter 129: Release Date

The latest chapter of Kengan Omega is all set to reveal the real identity of the Tiger’s vessel. Fei realized that it was Ohma all along. Was he right? Who is the rightful owner of this honor? Kengan Omega Chapter 129 will release this Friday on October 8, 2021. All chapters of the popular action manga are available on the official website of Kodansha. Stay tuned with The Anime Daily for more.