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Kingdom Chapter 699: Kanki Vs. King Sei! Release Date & Plot

Once again, the latest chapter of the Kingdom manga is ready to surprise fans. With each progressing chapter, more and more chaos brews in Qin’s army. Kanki has shown his true colors by massacring all the surrendering soldiers of Kochou’s army. For him, the order was righteous. However, many men of his own army disapprove of this move. So, will the King banish Kanki for this action? Will Kanki rebel against the King? Here is all you need to know about Kingdom Chapter 699.

In the upcoming chapter of Kingdom, the fate of the Qin army will be decided. This is because the army has been divided into two factions. After Kanki killed an entire army, his own men became skeptical of the commander. Now, the King himself will decide what will happen to this arrogant warrior. It will be interesting to see how things unroll from this point.

Kingdom Chapter 699

Kingdom Chapter 699: Plot Details!

In the upcoming chapter of Kingdom, fans can expect to see an intense brawl between the King of Qin and the commander of the army, Kanki. This is because Kanki had shamelessly challenged the King for his own words. When the King questioned him for killing thousands on a single order, he questioned him back. Kanki had replied that King Sei was the one who had killed the most number of people.

This remark will surely cause a spark demeanor between the two. The King is already furious at Kanki for ordering a mass massacre without reporting to him. On top of that, this remark might break his dam of fury. In Kingdom Chapter 699, the King might collide with Kanki. When the fight breaks out, Kanki’s loyal men will also pull up their swords on the King’s men. This will divide the army of Qin into two halves.

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Kingdom Chapter 699

Previous Chapter Recap!

The 698th chapter of Kingdom began with Shin and Ten getting the news of the Kanki’s actions. They learned that the commander had ordered to behead all the soldiers from Kochou’s army. On the other hand, the King had already marched his army down to meet with Kanki. Kanki and his minions were shocked to see that the King himself had come down to the battleground in the midst of the war.

When the King of Qin arrived, he immediately ordered Kanki to come to him. The meet began in the open. King Sei asked Kanki why this meet was called. Kanki did not understand the demeanor. Thus, the King asked him to explain his actions. The responsibility of the genocide of thousands of people lays in the hands of Kanki. However, Kanki kept iterating that he had no other choice.

Kingdom Chapter 699

Kingdom Chapter 699: Release Date

Even if Kanki has put forth his reasons to massacre an entire army, can he be forgiven for his deeds? What will the council decide for him now? The next outing will give away all the answers. So, Kingdom Chapter 699 is set to release in the next two days on November 14, 2021. The chapter will be available in Kodansha’s Weekly Jump Magazine. Stay tuned with The Anime Daily for more updates.

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