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Lupin III Part 6 Episode 5: Lupin In The Showa Era! Release Date & Plot

Every episode of Lupin brings new concepts to this criminal’s story. Last week, it was the “The Killer” abstract from the famous works of Ernest Hemingway. The poetic portrayal of the burglary took fans by surprise. In Lupin III Part 6 Episode 5, the story will take a time leap back into the showa ear of Tokyo. Is Lupin in the dream world yet again? How did he reach this imperial city? Here is all you need to know about the upcoming episode of Lupin.

In the upcoming episode, the master criminal may not get everything under his control. This is because Lupin has mysteriously transported back to the Showa-era Tokyo. This city is known for its illegal underground businesses. Now, all eyes are upon Lupin how he uses his opportunity to dig in the favors.

Lupin III Part 6 Episode 5

Lupin III Part 6 Episode 5: Plot Details & Preview!

After the poetic representation in the last outing, Lupin is all set to take his caravan to a new city. The upcoming episode of Lupin III Part 6 is titled “The Imperial City Dreams of Thieves, Part 1.” The new episode will take the story back to Showa-era Tokyo. This time, it is Lupin who is going to be in trouble. As suggested by the preview, it looks like the man is clueless about what is happening around him. Lupin also says that everyone around him is an imposter.

He also says that everyone he meets has been calling him the “gold mask.” Even Lupin has no clue about the events that are happening around him. The idea might refer to the Noh mask from mid-twentieth-century Japan. Some fans are also betting on the 19th century Kojo stage play mask that was of keen importance at that time. Lastly, the episode will also touch upon Lupin’s next mission in the city of dreams.

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Previous Episode Recap!

The fourth episode of Lupin III Part 6 began with Lupin and Jigen setting up a meeting with a group of assassins in a bar. After spending some time at the bar, they finally revealed to the assassins that they wanted to kill a man named Andre Anderson. Andre had stolen-priced possessions from Lupin. But when the assassins refused to kill their own boss, Lupin gave a signal to the waitress of the bar. She turned off the lights, and a shootout began.

When the lights turned back on, all the assassins were lying dead on the floor. The waitress took off her mask and revealed herself to be Fujiko. He declared that Andre was already dead. During the shootout, he went into Andre’s room and shot him dead. Moreover, he also recovered the book by Ernest Hemingway, which was essentially a codebook used by the CIA.

Lupin III Part 6 Episode 5

Lupin III Part 6 Episode 5: Release Date

Lupin’s adventures will continue to trouble Sherlock Holmes until he is put behind bars. This time, Lupin will take his box of chaos to the Imperial City of Dreams. So, Lupin III Part 6 Episode 5 is scheduled to release this weekend on November 14, 2021. Fans will find all the episodes of the popular crime series only on Crunchyroll. Stay tuned with The Anime Daily for more updates.

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