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Looking for some light-hearted slice of life anime? Well, here’s a good suggestion for you! 2016’s Kiss Him, Not Me is a decent watch for shoujo fans. The anime created a buzz when it debuted, yet, it received mixed reviews from the audience. While being criticized for many things in the show, it managed to make a name in the genre. For those who’re confused, here’s a Spoiler-Free Kiss Him, Not Me Review to help you decide.


Kiss Him, Not Me! or Watashi ga Motete Dōsunda debuted as a manga series back in 2013. During its run, the manga became popular enough to be considered for an anime adaptation. Studio Brian’s Base released a 12-episode series that aired between October and December 2016.

The shoujo anime series centers around Kae Serinuma, a young female otaku. She is obsessed with yaoi, a genre of media featuring homoerotic romantic relationships between male characters. Upon the death of one of her favorite characters (in an anime), she starves herself for a whole week. As a result, Kae, who was initially portrayed as overweight, loses a lot of fat. Now that she’s transformed, many boys from her class are interested in her.

Reasons To Watch Kiss Him, Not Me

  • A Perfect Watch For Shoujo Fans

The 2016 anime series is a delight for the fans of the genre. Kiss Him, Not Me is a fun and light-hearted slice of life anime targeted for the shoujo audience. Moreover, being a reverse-harem series, it piques the interest of another large group. The story of the anime is not complicated and is immensely entertaining. Hence, it’s a good watch if you’re looking for something light.

  • The Characters 

Kae’s growth as a character impressed a lot of viewers as they reached the finale. Many people related to her for being a fujoshi (yaoi fan) and an otaku. Even though she had flaws, Kae was mostly likable. Moreover, despite having stereotypical personalities, the four boys, Igarashi, Nanashima, Shinomiya, and Mutsumi, were good characters.


Issues Associated With Kiss Him, Not Me!

A lot of people liked the theme of the show, as it had many unique factors. However, critics and many viewers pointed out that several plotlines of the anime were trouble. The first one was associated with Kae starving herself for a week and losing weight. Reviewers said that this promotes eating disorders and creates body image issues.

On the other hand, people criticized Kae for not standing up for herself. She was always the damsel in distress and was dependant on others to save her or help her. Well, these character traits in the female lead were common in the last decade. However, a 2016 show should do better and address these issues through character development.

Despite having some issues, Kiss Him, Not Me is interesting enough to watch once. It has many fun moments and will keep its viewers entertained until the very end.


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