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Kiznaiver Review [Spoiler Free] | The Anime Daily

After the success of Kill la Kill, Studio Trigger gave another try at the genre. Well, Kiznaiver has an amazing set of cast and creators. Yet, the 2016 anime fails to deliver and is mediocre at its best. However, it can still be a good watch for action sci-fi fans. Moreover, since the series has a unique plot, it appeals to many otakus. Hence, here’s a Spoiler-Free Kiznaiver Review to guide you through the positive and negative aspects of the show.

In the distant future, the Japanese government has created a town to test a large-scale experiment on its citizens. The Kizna System connects people through a scar that enables them to share their pain and suffering. Hence, they select six high school students as “Kiznaivers” and bind them together. The government assumes that the world will attain peace if everyone is able to feel each other’s pain.

Kiznaiver is an original anime series written by Mari Okada and directed by Hiroshi Kobayashi. It debuted on Japanese television in April 2016 and completed its run by June of the same year. Studio Trigger’s Kill la Kill was still trending before Kiznaiver released. Hence, fans had high hopes from the latter anime series. While it entertained many viewers, the show struggled to get an average rating.

Reasons To Watch Kiznaiver

As an action series, Kiznaiver is an average watch. It provides you with several exciting scenes with top-notch animation. Its story is unique, but its presentation is similar to any other show in the genre. However, one of the main highlights of the anime is its characters. Almost all characters, including the lead, have distinct personalities that interest the viewers. They bind to the story and push you to watch until the end.

The character designs are appealing, yet the animation style is boring. Well, it’ll be an understatement to say that Studio Trigger could’ve done better. However, at one point, the sci-fi story becomes more character-driven, which is usually not found in anime these days. Overall, Kiznaiver would be a good watch for people who liked Trigger’s previous work and fans of the genre.

Reasons To Skip This One

Mediocre. Yes, that’s the best explanation for this series. Kiznaiver is not a bad show, yet it’s not extraordinary either. Amongst all genres of anime, action, and sci-fi are the most popular ones. Over the years, many studios have delivered outstanding shows that can be remembered years after their release. Hence, it’s much better to explore other highly-rated anime than to give time to Kiznaiver.

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