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Anonymous Noise Review [Spoiler Free] | The Anime Daily

Are you looking for a binge-worthy show? Well, you’ve found the perfect deal! Studio Brain’s Base’s romance anime Anonymous Noise is emotional, sweet, and heartwarming. The story of the series is a generic love triangle. Yet, it manages to keep you interested until the end. Hence, here’s a Spoiler-Free Anonymous Noise Review, with the good and bad aspects of the show.

Anonymous Review or Fukumenkei Noizu was originally a manga series written and illustrated by Ryoko Fukuyama. The 2013 manga was fairly popular amongst shojo fans during its run. Hence, it was soon adapted into an anime adaptation by reputable animation studio Brain’s Base. The television series aired between April and June 2017 and ended up gaining a fanbase of its own. Even after a few years of its release, the demand for a second round is still high.

The musical anime centers around a high school fresher, Nino Arisugawa. She reunites with her old friend Yuzu, who supported her in the past when she was depressed. Back in the day, she was in love with her best friend, Momo Sakaki, who moved away without telling her. Now that she’s met Yuzu again, he motivates Nino to keep singing, which might draw Momo back. As a result, they become a part of a band, In NO Hurry to Shout. However, everything becomes a mess when Yuzu develops feelings for Nino too.

Is ‘Anonymous Noise’ Worth The Watch?

Absolutely. If you like romance and/or musical anime, then Anonymous Noise will be a great watch for you. Despite having only twelve episodes, the show has plenty of plot threads and exciting characters. Its story has much drama and ties everything nicely by the finale. Also, all episodes end with cliffhangers and bind you to watch another episode. It is also filled with powerful scenes that leave a lasting impression. Overall, storywise, this shojo anime is a treat for binge-watchers.

The animation of the show is simple, yet vibrant when it comes to colors and character design. It also complements the genre at times where the mood gets too emotional. Being a musical series, the power of Anonymous Noise lies in its music. All songs and background music, including the intro and outro songs, are commendable. Hence, as a whole, the anime is beautiful and deserves a watch.

Issues With Anonymous Noise

A major issue with the Brain’s Base anime lies in its finale. The Anonymous Noise manga contains 103 chapters combined in 18 volumes. However, the anime only adapts the first 29 chapters and leaves us with an incomplete ending. As of now, the studio has not renewed Anonymous Noise Season 2. Hence, viewers won’t find out who Nino ends up with unless they read the source material.

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