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Bloom Into You Review [Spoiler Free] | The Anime Daily

Bloom Into You is a special anime, and it deserves more attention than it has. Studio Troyca’s ambitious project adapts a critically-acclaimed manga series of the same name. It is one of the best Yuri animes in recent times and is actually respectful and supportive of the LGBT+ community. Aside from that, it is also a good and heartwarming romance drama. Enough said, here’s a Spoiler-Free Bloom Into You Review, guiding you towards the positive and negative aspects of the show.

Studio Troyca’s Yuri anime centers around a high school fresher, Yuu Koito, who has never fallen in love before. Having rejected by a guy, she seeks help from the beautiful student council president Touko Nanami, who had also turned down someone. As the two of them grow closer, Touko begins to have feelings for Yuu. Being unsure of how she feels, Yuu turns her down too. However, this starts the beginning of their shoujo romance.

Back in 2015, Bloom Into You or Yagate Kimi ni Naru originated as a manga series. Writer-Illustrator Nio Nakatani was appreciated for her work by millions of readers from Japan and internationally as well. The critically acclaimed manga was then adapted into an anime series in October 2018, which ran through December of that year. However, the manga ended in September 2019, which decreases the possibilities of Bloom Into You Season 2.

Is ‘Bloom Into You’ Worth The Watch?

The Japanese anime industry has been very fond of Yuri and Yaoi genres in the last few years. However, only a few of them were sensitive enough for the LGBT+ community. This includes some beautifully unconventional shows like Yuri!! On Ice (2016) and Citrus (2018). Also, the representation of queer and trans characters in the Sailor Moon franchise and Wandering Son (2011). Fortunately, Bloom Into You is another such anime that tells the story of a yuri couple as they try to understand their feelings.

The anime constructs a wholesome narrative in a world that feels real. The characters seem like actual people, and their problems were deep-seeded, just like the real world. Protagonists Yuu and Touko are beautifully characterized, and their personalities grow throughout the series. Unlike most romantic dramas, Bloom Into You is not just about the romance. Instead, it focuses on finding oneself and the need for understanding between the relationship.

Studio Troyca has worked hard on the animation of the anime. However, the art is mostly average since its designs are inspired by the manga. The background music and OSTs are effective and memorable. Viewers tend to fall in love with the originality of the characters, especially Touka. Most importantly, the finale wraps up the story pretty well. Hence, fans don’t need to wait for another season. Overall, Bloom Into You is an above-average romance drama that deserves a watch. However, people who are not interested in the genre can totally skip this one.

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