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Princess Principal Review [Spoiler Free] | The Anime Daily

Princess Principal is one of the finest steampunk animes in recent times. Hence, if you’re a fan of the genre, this show is a great watch. Studio 3Hz and Actas’ original anime series has been in the talks in the last few years. Yet, it did not get the attention it deserved. If you’re wondering whether to watch it, here’s a Spoiler-Free Princess Principal Review to help you decide.

Unlike what its name suggests, Princess Principal is not a slice of life or high school drama series. It is an impressive steampunk anime based in an alternate world version of England called Albion. Five young girls pose as students (in a prestigious high school) as they engage in espionage in the divided nation. The skilled spies face many challenges as they do their respective duties.

Produced by Studio 3Hz and Actas, the spy-action anime debuted on Japanese television screens in April 2017. As of now, the studios have not renewed Princess Principal Season 2. However, a six-part film series called Princess Principal: Crown Handler is set to premiere from February 11, 2021. The film series was supposed to release on April 10, 2020, but it was postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Is ‘Princess Principal’ Worth The Watch?

  • Story

Writer Ichiro Okouchi’s story is one of the strongest features of the show. Almost all episodes of the series are intense and complement its genre. Even though it is full of cliches, none of them affect the anime’s quality. Since each episode is a different mission, the plot remains exciting, and viewers are hooked until the very end. Overall, Princess Principal is unique and fresh and is one of the best steampunk anime in recent times.

  • Art & Sound

The art of the anime and direction by Masaki Tachibana strengthens its theme in many ways. Princess Principal has high-quality animation, detailed backgrounds, and attractive character designs. Even though the art isn’t particularly unique, the style is consistent throughout, enhancing the setting. Moreover, the background music and songs given by popular composer Yuki Kajiura, deserve appreciation.

  • Characters

One of the main reasons one should watch this anime is for the characters. The five spy girls are attractive and inspiring throughout the series. They are also unconventional and diverse, which is uncommon in most other anime. Aside from the main characters, almost all its characters are fascinating and significantly contribute to the story.

Overall, Princess Principal is a unique and fresh addition to the steampunk genre. It’s a must-watch for fans who like spy and action shows. However, if you’re expecting to be a slice of life series due to its name, you can skip this one.

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