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Kokkoku Review [Spoiler-Free] | The Anime Daily

When the preview and trailer of Kokkoku released, it created a buzz all around the anime world. Otakus began talking about the mysterious plot and Geno Studio’s big budget for its production. However, upon premiere, the series shocked its viewers in many different ways. Fans and critics had mixed thoughts about the anime. Well, if the trailer amazed you too, here’s a Spoiler-Free Kokkoku Review to tell you the good and bad aspects of the show.

Kokkoku: Moment To Moment debuted in Japan back in January 2018. It is an anime adaptation of a popular manga series of the same name. Mangaka Seita Horio’s story centers around a 22-year-old girl Juri Yukawa with many family issues. When a cult kidnaps her brother and nephew, she comes across her family’s secret supernatural abilities. In order to save them both, Juri has to enter a world of stopped time, using her grandfather’s special stone.

Reasons To Watch Kokkoku: Moment To Moment

  • Fresh Concept

Many studios have attempted to make ‘time’ related anime before. However, most of them seemed to be inspired by each and lacked creativity. When the trailer of Kokkoku release, many otakus were inspired to watch it. The premise of the anime is unique and hasn’t been seen in the market before.

  • Great Animation

Geno Studio has put in effective efforts in the animation of the show. It sports some fine techniques and intricate direction. The animation suits the genre and enhances the taste of the story. They also make the show seem like a thriller.

  • Characterisation

Fans who liked the show pointed out that its cast of characters felt authentic. Unlike many other shows, the characters of Kokkoku felt like real human beings. Juri and her family held conflicting emotions and desires as the plot proceeds. While a few characters were one-dimensional, other left a mark on viewers’ hearts.

Reasons To Skip The Anime

  • Not The Best Thriller

While the audience was impressed with its trailer, they did not like the story of the anime when it released. Kokkoku is not a good thriller as it promised in the trailer. Its plot was sloppy, weird, and slow. Overall, the amount of time spent to watch it felt like a total waste.

  • Random Backstory & Plot Development

Many characters, including the villain, had pointless and ineffective backstories. Also, several plot developments were poorly explained. Overall, the screenplay was a mess and Geno Studio could have done a better job on it.

To Watch Or Not To Watch?

Even though Kokkoku had an interesting premise at the start, yet it disappointed viewers towards the end. Overall, the anime is a one time watch. Although one might feel that it’s better not to waste your time in an ineffective thriller.

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