Kyoto Animation Remembers Arson Victims

Kyoto Animation which developed in 1981 and has successfully produced approx. 21 animated project met a horrible incident exactly a year ago. The Kyoto Animation Arson Attack took place on July 18, 2020 and engulf 36 precious lives. Along with it, the incident left many other injured and cause a huge loss in terms of computers and machinery.

Exactly after a year the animation studio held a special ceremony in the memory of those who loss their lives in that deadly incident. The condolence ceremony held this Wednesday on July 22, 2020. The families who lost their loved ones in the Arson Attack invited in the event .

At this moment the CEO of Kyoto Animation Mr. Hatta gave condolence to the families by addressing them. Along with it the families of the departed souls shared their beautiful memories.

The Kyoto animation being one of the most famous anime studio in Japan has produced various anime on different topics. The studio début 20 years back in 2009 with its original video animation Shiawasette Naani. Later in 2003 it brought its first Anime TV Series Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu which is still consider a big hit in the history of Kyoto.

The studio has a lot of astounding anime in its list some of them are Free! Drive To The Future, Free Eternal Summer and last but certainly not the least  Violet Evergarden, the anime which has the power to bring tears and motivation simultaneously in your lives with its strong story line revolving around the life of a soldier.

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