Virtual Crunchyroll Expo 2020: Every Detail You Need To Know

The most anticipated annual event of the anime industry is finally here with open registration. The Crunchyroll Expo which was supposed to held normally earlier this year. But, due to COVID-19 pandemic, the events turned out to be a virtual one. According to the schedule, the 3-day Virtual Crunchy Roll Expo will hold in the first week of September that is from 4th to 6th of the month.


As the date for the event is near the authorities have opened the registration of Crunchy Roll Expo 2020. For our surprise this time they haven’t asked for any registration fee and the event is absolutely free of cost but, the registration is mandatory.

Celebrity Guests

Not only this, but the authorities have also arranged a virtual meetup with artists and creators of fan favourite anime. The Crunchy Roll Expo 2020 has released its initial lineup of celebrity guests.

  • Aoi Yuki, Nao Toyama, Rie Takahashi and Soro Amamiya the voice behind the
  • Okina Baba, the creator of So I’m a spider, so, what?
  • Onishi Kenta, the director of The Hidden Dungeon Only I can Enter
  • Satori Shoji, the editor of The Hidden Dungeon Only I can Enter
  • Yuki Yamada, the line producer of The Hidden Dungeon Only I can Enter
  • Mario Bueno and Vampy Bit Me as host of Crunchyroll-Hime’s Cosplay Cup
  • GSTQ Fashions and Creature Of Habit as Judge of Crunchyroll-Hime’s Cosplay Cup


Along with all this, the event has 4 other slots specified for the district. Whereas only one of them is open now and the remaining 3 are coming soon. Those slots are:

  • Crunchyroll Theatre District
  • Anime Arts District
  • Central Shopping District
  • Mystery District

To know more about the Crunchyroll Expo, visit their official website. Gear up guys and mark your calendars so that you won’t miss for this amazing blast of fun and animation on your screens.

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