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Love Of Kill Anime: New Teaser Out! Plot, Cast, Release Date & More

After much wait and anticipation, the 2015 mystery manga by Fe is finally taking shape as an anime. The anime adaptation of Love Of Kill was initially announced in December 2020. However, eight months after the announcement, the makers have come out with a new teaser for the series. LOK is a suspense manga with nine volumes that first came out in October 2015. Media Factory used to publish and distribute the prints all across Japan.

So, if you have been waiting for any news of the anime adaptation, then your wait has come to an end. The makers just came out with a beautiful teaser that fans cannot stop talking about. Thus, without any further ado, here is all that you need to know about the upcoming anime adaptation.

Love Of Kill Anime

Love Of Kill Anime: Plot Details & New Teaser!

According to the official synopsis, the story of Love Of Kill Anime follows two assassins who encounter one another at a common office. Their first meeting is something that could’ve made both of them enemies for life. However, Ryang-Ha develops strong feelings for Chateau after fighting her for the first time. Thus, their adventurous journey kick-starts from here. As the story progress, we also see that the two assassins share a common past that can create a rift between the two.

Nonetheless, their assassination maneuvers make up for most of the plot of Love Of Kill Anime. The new trailer by Platinum Vision Studio also depicts the story of the encounter between Ryang-Ha and Chateau. With a calming background score, the 90-second clip beautifully sets the stage for an incredible venture. You can check out the new teaser right here:

Cast & Crew Updates!

For now, only little is known about the casting details of Love Of Kill Anime. The makers have only made clear that Saori Onishi will be playing the character of Chateau Dankworth. Moreover, Hiro Shimono will play the part of Ryang-HA Song. Besides these, no other casting name has been announced by the makers. This also calls for the fact that the makers don’t want to reveal the characters that might appear in the anime.

The team that is working at Platinum Vision Studio to animate the series includes Hideaki Ohba as the director. Author Fe is credited as the original creator of the story. Whereas, Ayumu Hisao is handling the scriptwriting department. Moreover, Youka Satou is looking after the character designs of the anime. The music composition is under Kei Yoshikawa’s supervision. Lastly, Toy’s Factory and Miracle Bus are lending their tunes for the theme songs.

Love Of Kill Anime

Love Of Kill Anime: Release Date

For now, the makers have only announced a tentative release date for the anime. A solid release date is still awaited by fans. So, Love Of Kill Anime is set to come out in 2022. Since the teaser is already out, it looks like the anime will be ready for streaming from Winter to Spring 2022. Let’s wait for more official updates.

Are you excited to watch Love Of Kill Anime? What are your thoughts about the new trailer of the anime? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment box below. For more latest news updates on the same, keep coming back to The Anime Daily.

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