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My Master Has No Tail Anime Announced! Release Date, Plot & Cast Details!

Since January 2019, the fans of this popular fantasy manga are aggressively speculating as to when My Master Has No Tail Anime adaptation will come out. Well, fans don’t have to speculate these dates anymore because the official announcement has finally come by. Recently, author TNSK shared on his Twitter handle a new visual of his manga. Along with the visual, he also revealed that Uchi no Shisho wa Shippo ga Nai is finally getting an anime adaptation.

Uchi no Shisho wa Shippo ga Nai is a popular seinen fantasy manga by TNSK that first came out in January 2019. The manga is still up and running with considerable readership. Kodansha’s Good! Afternoon magazine publishes new chapters every week. Now, the anime is all set to come out very soon. Thus, without any further ado, here is all that you need to know about the anime adaptation.

My Master Has No Tail Anime: New Visual & Plot Details!

To commemorate the announcement of the anime adaptation, author TNSK has shared a new visual with the fans through his Twitter account. The visual depicts lead characters Mameda and Bunko in a single frame. Unlike the classic manga style, this visual gives colors to the characters and their world. As for the premise, the five-volume manga tells the story of Mameda, a shape-shifting tanuki girl. The ambitious girl only dreams about becoming a human at any cost.

But one day, Mameda meets a similar tanuki like her. At first, the lady advises her to give up the dream of becoming a human. But as it happens, Bunko ends up becoming her guardian and teacher who guides her on how to become a human in disguise. Thus, the beautiful motherly bond between the two makes up for the plot of My Master Has No Tail Anime.

Production Status!

For now, even the name of the animating studio has not come out in the public domain. Thus it is hard to judge as to how much work is actually complete. We only know that MAO will voice Mameda, and Hibiku Yamamura will voice the character of Bunko. Since the announcement was made by the mangaka himself, it is clear that the anime is in the early stages of production. This means that the team building and the administrative work are still under process.

Thus, there is still a month or two to go before the writing and animation work goes to the floors. Skim through the following subheads to know more about the release date of the adaptation.

My Master Has No Tail Anime: Release Date

For now, only the announcement of the anime adaptation has come by in the public domain, that too by the author. This means that the animation studio is yet to announce its partnership with the creators. Since the manga is a short-form text, it would not take more than six months for the makers to complete the project. The probable release date of My Master Has No Tail Anime that is creating a buzz around the internet is Winter 2022. Let’s wait for an official trailer to come out before making any strong speculations.

Are you excited to hear about the news of the My Master Has No Tail Anime adaptation? What are your thoughts about the new visual shared by the mangaka? Please share them with us in the comment box below. For more manga and anime news updates, keep coming back to The Anime Daily.