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Meikyuu Black Company Episode 11: Kinji’s Final Fight! Release Date

Meikyuu Black Company Episode 11 is the penultimate episode of the series. Soon the finale episode will air, and fans will get the ultimate ruler of the dungeons. In the previous episode, Rim had visions about a strange girl that might show up on the next floor. To her surprise, the suspicion turned out to be true, and Majin appeared in the form of a little girl. Rim named the little creature Sky. Later on, an earthquake prompted on the floor Kinji’s crew parted by a wall of rocks. Now, how does Kinji plan on reaching Raiza’ha’s chamber? Here is everything you need to know.

The upcoming episode of The Dungeon of Black Company is all set lit up the stage with fire. Kinji is coming closer and closer to Raiza with each step. Surpassing each obstacle with sheer wit, he is on his way to free the world from her wrath. The only hurdle in his way is the monsters guarding the fifth floor. How will he defeat them?

Meikyuu Black Company Episode 11

Meikyuu Black Company Episode 11: Plot Details

The title of the upcoming episode is “Crash Evolution.” The title is suggestive of the intense action that is about to come with the new episode. In the last edition, the team got divided on the fifth floor due to a crack caused by an earthquake. However, Kinji decided not to halt their mission and continued to climb further. Now, Meikyuu Black Company Episode 11 will showcase an intense battle between Shia and the monsters.

When Kinji and his crew were thrown off the floor, Shia and Sky were left alone at the door of the fifth story. Soon the door opened, and two gigantic monsters appeared in front of them. The flock of bodyguards fell in a matter of seconds, and the two girls were left helpless. In the upcoming episode, fans will see Shia in action once again. The former warrior will fight Raiza’s minions and also try to rescue her teammates.

Meikyuu Black Company Episode 11

Previous Episode Recap!

In the tenth episode of Meikyuu Black Company, the team continued with their mission into the dungeon. So far, Kinji and his crew have made it to the fifth floor with zero casualties. However, the danger beyond the fifth mansion is unfathomable. As the team was about to enter through the gate, the floor began to shake heavily. Kinji realized that this was a disruptive earthquake created by Raiza to stop their quest.

Later on, the team got divided as the floor cracked into two. On one side was Kinji with half the team. On the other side, Shia was left with the little girl that came for aid. While the team was on separate sides, Kinji exclaimed that they must build a base in order to reunite. Hence, the episode ended with Shia and Sky moving towards the base point the Kinji mentioned.

Meikyuu Black Company Episode 11

Meikyuu Black Company Episode 11: Release Date

The saga of humans and monsters might end up with a lot of bloodshed. But fans only have to sit back and enjoy the action. Is there any way that Kinji can win this war? Meikyuu Black Company Episode 11 will release this Friday on September 17, 2021. The episodes release each week only on Funimation. Keep an eye on this corner for all the latest updates from the anime world.