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My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 110: Anonymous Attacks Koichi! Release Date

Every first and last Friday of the month, fans desperately wait for the new chapter of Vigilantes. The action-packed rivalry between Koichi and Number Six is one of the most interesting arcs of the story. So, in the previous episode, the readers saw that Koichi was mobbed by a large crowd that Anonymous conjured using his quirk. While Six was satisfied that he had won the match, Overclock looked unsatisfied with the outcome of the combat. In My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 110, Crawler will find a way to escape the crowd. How will he do it? Here is all you need to know about it.

In the next chapter, the police authorities will arrive at the crime scene in search of Anonymous. By then, Number Six and Overclock would’ve already fled the city. However, Crawler will still be stuck in the mob attack. Things can turn either way after the police’s arrival. Will it serve as an advantage to Koichi?

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 110
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My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 110: Plot Details

The upcoming chapter of Vigilantes is likely to showcase Crawler’s pov. For Number Six, the match has already come in his hands. However, Crawler Koichi has been a variant all his life. Not only the authorities but he is also experienced with tackling large crowds and angry mobs. The only disadvantage in his hands right now is his diminishing strength. Koichi’s quirk is exhaustible, and he has been fighting Six for a long time now.

Thus, he might find it difficult to handle Anonymous’ large crowd. But it can be said with utmost surety that Koichi will easily escape the mob. Moreover, now that Anonymous and the other villains have escaped the hospital facility, the Police authorities might also be on the way. In My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 110, the search for these villains will lead them to Number Six. This, in turn, will distract him from Phase Six. Hence, it will be fascinating to see how Crawler will outsmart this master attack.

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 110
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Previous Chapter Recap!

Previously on Vigilantes, Number Six continued to struggle with Crawler’s strong defenses. None of his attacks did even the slightest damage to the vigilante. Thus, Overclock advised him that he needs to think out of the box and move steps ahead of Crawler’s reflexes. Six decided to attack Koichi with a wave of bomb attacks so that he got no space to run away. However, his strategy did not work the way he expected it to be. At the hospital, the police officers still writhed with Anonymous.

Officer Rapt saw that the five other villains were beginning to slide away from their chains. Cut back to the city, and Crawler was being attacked by a crowd of Anonymous. Number Six announced that this was his big plan under Phase 6. Overclock felt that the mission was not a success as Six could never defeat Crawler. If it were not for Anonymous, he would have never won the battle. The chapter ended with Overclock sighing in disbelief.

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 110

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 110: Release Date

Fans can finally take the back seat and enjoy some more action because the battle is here to stay. The Crawler Vs. Six bowls will surely commence newer conflicts in the city. So, My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 110 will release on the last Friday of this month. The chapter will launch on Viz Media and Shonen’s official website on September 25, 2021. Keep coming back to this corner for more such updates.