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Edens Zero Episode 23: Shiki Vs. Kurenai The Last Battle! Release Date

The coming weekend will close the doors for many shows that fans have been enjoying for a long while. Edens Zero Episode 23 will be the penultimate episode of the series. The final two episodes have to conclude many arcs for the storyline. Starting from the Kurenai’s dark era to Shiki’s love story, many acts are to get a pay-off in the final two editions. The audience is fascinated to find out how things will turn for each character. So, here is everything you need to know about the new episode.

The latest episode will bring with it some heroic action. After getting thrashed and battered in the mines of the Sun Jewel District, Shiki will take revenge on each and every perpetrator. For the last, he will take on Kurenai, the Queen of the district. It will be captivating to watch things fall once Kurenai’s era comes to an end. Let’s explore all the odds.

Edens Zero Episode 23

Edens Zero Episode 23: Plot Details

The title of the next episode of Edens Zero is “Until the Day It Turns to Strength.” The new episode will finally showcase the ultimate battle that the entire season was building up to. Shiki and Kurenai will collide head-on. For Kurenai, the Eden Zero crew is just another bunch of intruders in the district. But for Shiki, Kurenai’s end is a personal motive. Her death will bring an end to a dark era of slavery. Moreover, it will also serve justice to Homura as she lost her mother at the hands of Kurenai.

In Edens Zero Episode 23, fans can also expect to see an emotional moment between Homura and Kurenai. Since the former is her birth mother, Kurenai might try to emotionally manipulate Homura into giving up the weapons and join her cause. However, Homura will remember her mother’s ideals and refuse the proposal. Later on, fans will witness the intense battle sequence between Shiki and the ruler of the Sun Jewel District.

Edens Zero Episode 23

Previous Episode Recap!

The 22nd episode of Edens Zero began with a flashback sequence that narrated Homura’s past life. Ten years ago, Valkyrie and Homura lived together in a secluded town of Oedo. Homura was the adopted daughter of the Valkyrie. However, an unfortunate incident led to Homura getting arrested. The authorities alleged that the girl had attacked the officials on illegal grounds. As she got arrested, Valkyrie began her search for Homura’s mother.

Her hunt took her to the Sun Jewel district, where she found Kurenai. But she learned that Kurenai had replaced the ruler of the district. She was running the cartel of the grave slave trade after him. When Valkyrie confronted her about the sin, she bombed the entire district. Valkyrie could not survive this attack. Cut to the present, Shiki and Homura grieved the loss of Valkyrie. The episode ended with Kurenai coming to Shiki and demanding the last battle.

Edens Zero Episode 23

Edens Zero Episode 23: Release Date

The fights in the cosmos will continue as they have for centuries. But for the fans of Edens Zero, this last war may serve as the end of the world. So, the next episode, Edens Zero Episode 23, will release this weekend on September 19, 2021. Fans will find all the episodes of this space-action series only on Netflix and Hulu. Lastly, stay tuned with The Anime Daily to get all the latest updates.