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Super Cub Season 2: When Will The Anime Return? Renewal & Release Date

Earlier this year, otakus saw a really cute and lighthearted anime in the form of Super Cub. Its viewers loved the story that revolves around Koguma, Reiko, and Shii. However, the first run didn’t provide answers to a lot of questions about these characters. And now to know these answers, fans are demanding to see Super Cub Season 2. So, when will they see the return of Koguma along with her cub? Here are all the latest details.

Super Cub is a Japanese slice-of-life anime TV series. It is the remake of Tone Koken and Hiro’s light novel series of the very title. Studio Kai animated the first season of this lighthearted series that ran for a total of twelve episodes. Its premiere episode hit the screens on April 7, 2021, whereas its first season finale came out on June 23 of the same year. 

Super Cub Season 2

LN Series Compared To The Anime!

The first season of the anime received compliments for a lot of things, and one among them was for its brilliant pacing. It spent time in the world-building of the series and developing its characters. The serialization of the LN series began in May 2017. Since then, Tone Koen and Hiro have published a total of eight books. Studio Kai used the first two books only. The twelfth episode of Super Cub ended at the 26th chapter, which is the final chapter of Volume 2.

They only used 26 chapters throughout the run of twelve episodes and also skipped some insignificant moments. That means the production company used only two chapters to make a single episode of the anime, which is quite ideal. Fortunately, Studio Kai still has enough source material to create Super Cub. If the pacing remains the same, they can even make three more installments of the anime with the remaining six volumes of the LN series. 

Super Cub Season 2

Super Cub Season 2: Renewal Status

Before renewing any show, the makers analyze its performance by taking a look at its popularity, critical reception, viewership, ratings, availability of the source material, and several more factors. The viewership of Super Cub was good, and it also met with a positive critical reception. The critics praised the simple, linear, and intriguing storyline of the series. Its ratings are also great as it holds a score of 7.46 on MyAnimeList. Not only that, but it has more than 77K members in its group on the same platform, which clearly indicates that the show is popular as well.

Also, we mentioned above that Studio Kai has enough source material to make three more seasons of this slice-of-life drama. So, all the factors seem to be in favor of Super Cub Season 2, and fans can certainly expect the makers to renew. It is likely that the producers will take their time to thoroughly analyze its first season’s performance. However, there is nothing to worry about because sooner or later, they will wave the green flag to renew its sequel. 

Super Cub Season 2

Super Cub Season 2: Release Date

Everyone is desperate to know when will Koguma return along with her cub and two friends. Studio Kai has yet to begin the production of the sequel as they’re also waiting for a green signal from the decision-makers. Whenever it begins, they will take at least one and a half years to create another full-fledged twelve-part installment. So, if the renewal arrives by the end of this year, Super Cub Season 2 might hit the screens sometime in 2023. It is likely that it will premiere in the Spring that year.