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Hulaing Babies Season 2: Will It Ever Return? Release Date & Latest Details

It has been more than two years since fans last saw Hulaing Babies on screens. So, they are now wondering when they will be able to see Hulaing Babies Season 2. The first installment of the series got a mixed response, but it managed to impress the fans with its cute characters and animation. When will the followers of this show will be able to see more of them? Here is everything to know. 

Hulaing Babies is a Japanese slice-of-life comedy original anime series. Yoshinori Asao directed this show, whereas Ikoma penned down its story. Gaina animation studio produced the inaugural installment of the series. The debut season came out on January 11, 2019. It concluded on March 29 of the same year after running for a total of twelve episodes. 

Hulaing Babies Season 2

Hulains Babies Season 2: Renewal Status

The performance of the first season of Hulaing Babies was pretty average. It received a mixed response from both the viewers as well as the critics. The latter quickly managed to find a lot of flaws in the series and loopholes in its story. As a result, it only got a poor score of 5.87 on MyAnimeList. The anime is not that popular, either, and only has more than 3.4K members in its MAL group. Also, the plot of this series is an original one as it does not follow any manga or light novel.

So, the production studio has nothing to adapt for Hulaing Babies Season 2. Creating a new story from scratch will be too much for them, especially for the series that didn’t perform well. Therefore, it’s pretty unlikely that fans will ever get to see the sequel of this comedy anime series. 

Hulaing Babies Season 2

First Season Review!

The inaugural installment of the series was fun but not unique and memorable at all. The best thing about this show was its animation. It wasn’t extraordinary from any angle, but the way they played with colors and all, it looks fun. However, the show has nothing special aside from that. The runtimes of its episodes were five minutes. So, it was kind of obvious that Hulaing Babies didn’t have any chance to build its story, and hence it ended as a pretty dull one. The characters of the anime weren’t interesting, and their development was lackluster as well. Overall, the show was good but not good enough to be a memorable one. 

Hulaing Babies Season 2

Hulaing Babies Season 2: Release Date

As previously mentioned, the probability of this slice-of-life comedy series returning on the screens is very low. Its first season performed averagely, and hence the demand for its sequel is not very high. Yet, we can still hope for the production studio to give it the green light. If renewal arrives sooner, Hulaing Babies Season 2 might release by the end of 2022. 

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