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Endro Season 2: When Will It Return? Release Date & Everything To Know

Will there be Endro Season 2? Every single viewer of the anime has been asking this question ever since they watched its first season. The inaugural season of this fantasy anime managed to grow a huge loyal fan base. They really liked the story of Yuusha and now want to see more of her in the second season. So, when will the anime return for another run? Here are all the latest details. 

Endro is a Japanese fantasy slice-of-life original anime series. Kaori helmed this show which was produced by Egg Firm. Studio Gokumi animated the inaugural installment of the series, which hit the screens on January 13, 2019. It ran for a total of twelve episodes before concluding on March 31 of the same year. Since then, all the followers of this show are anticipating its return. 

Endro Season 2

Endro Season 2: Renewal Details

The first season of the anime series performed well and managed to get a positive response from the audience and the experts. The critics did point out some flaws, but most of their reviews were towards the positive side. As a result, it got a total score of 6.92 on MyAnimeList, which is pretty decent for an original series. Also, the anime is quite popular and has more than 62K members in its MAL group. Hence, the demand to see Endro Season 2 is also very high.

The first twelve episodes were not enough to satisfy the fans. However, the makers ended the show on a conclusive note without any cliffhanger. Plus, it has already been more than two years, and no one related to its production talked about the fate of this show. Therefore, now it is very unlikely that Studio Gokumi will ever wave the green flag. 

Endro Season 2

What’s The Show About? 

The story of Endro took place on Naral Island. In this land, in every generation, a demon is born. A hero also took birth in every generation to deal with that demon. This cycle has been going on continuously for endless centuries. Well, the latest hero is named Yuusha, and she confronted the present demon lord along with her crew. However, a blunder happened while they try to seal the demon and send her back in time before Yuusha became a hero. The demon lord is now known as Mao, and she is a teacher at the adventure school of Yuusha. Now, Mao has only one goal that is to stop Yuusha from becoming a hero.

Endro Season 2

Endro Season 2: Release Date

Without any official announcement regarding the renewal of the anime, it’s hard to predict a release date. However, we can hope that the demand for the second installment increases even more. If that happens, the production studio might renew it by the end of this year. Once the renewal arrives, Endro Season 2 might release by the end of 2022 or in early 2023.