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Why The Hell Are You Here, Teacher? Season 2: Canceled Or Renewed? Everything To Know

Why The Hell Are You here, Teacher? is certainly one of the most popular ecchi anime series of all time. This show is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it still managed to develop a huge fan base. Now, they are demanding to see Why The Hell Are You Here, Teacher? Season 2. It has already been more than two years since they last this series. So, when will the fan-favorite anime return for another run? Here are all the latest details.

Why The Hell Are You Here, Teacher? is also known as Nande Koko ni Sensei gal? The Japanese ecchi romantic comedy anime series is a remake of Soborou’s manga series of the very title. Studio Tear animated the debut installment of the anime. The fans saw its premiere episode on April 8, 2019. It had a great run of 12 episodes before concluding on June 24 of the same year. 

Why The Hell Are You Here, Teacher? Season 2

Manga Compared To The Anime

As previously mentioned, the anime series is an adaptation of an erotic-comedy manga series. Throughout the run of the twelve episodes, the anime remained faithful to its source material and maintained its tone. As a result, just like the manga, Nande Koko ni Sensei gal anime also received a great positive response. The serialization of the manga began in 2017, and it is still on the run. Soborou, the author and the illustrator of the manga, has released a total of eleven volumes so far.

On the other hand, the first season of the anime used only four of them. The debut installment concluded on Chapter 40 of the 4th volume. Hence, the makers have more than enough source material to produce Why The Hell Are You Here, Teacher? Season 2. 

Studio Tear Declared Bankruptcy

The main reason behind the delay in the sequel of the ecchi anime series is its production studio. Studio Tear, who produced the inaugural installment, declared bankruptcy a few months after its release. In December 2019, tear Studio officially filed for bankruptcy with $393,000 in debt, including $73,000 to approximately 50 animators. 

Why The Hell Are You Here, Teacher? Season 2

Why The Hell Are You Here, Teacher? Season 2: Renewal Status

The debut season of this ecchi anime got a tremendous response. It wasn’t received very well by the critics for some obvious reasons, but the viewers really enjoyed watching it. At the time of writing, Nande Koko ni Sensei gal has a score of 6.47 on MAL. However, it has more than 250K members in its group on the same platform and is ranked at #681 in popularity. Despite the great response, the anime never returned for a second season because of its production studio.

Fortunately, it still has a lot of source material left, so there is still a little hope left that some other animation studio might come forward and pick up this show. Now, it is kind of impossible for Studio Tear to return, and hence only other production studios can save this show now. 

Why The Hell Are You Here, Teacher? Season 2

Why The Hell Are You Here, Teacher? Season 2: Release Date

There is no telling when any other studio will come forward and whether it will come to pick up the show or not. Therefore, it is impossible to know about the release date of the sequel of this ecchi anime. However, even if the renewal arrives this very year, Why The Hell Are You Here, Teacher? Season 2 might not release anytime earlier than 2023. We will update this section as soon as more details come out.

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