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B-Project Season 3: Renewed Or Canceled? Release Date & Everything To Know

B-Project Zecchou-Emotion was a hit among the fans, but it left them with a cliffhanger ending. Since then, its fans have been anticipating the arrival of B-Project Season 3. This series is one of the finest shows in the genre of shoujo and music. Along with the great music, it has a great storyline as well, which is filled with drama. So, when will its fans be able to watch the third run of this show? Here are all the latest details. 

B-Project is a Japanese shoujo music anime TV series that is a part of a cross-media project by Mages. This project began with several song previews, and now it has anime, manga, music CDs, related merchandise, and many more things in it. The inaugural installment of this anime premiered on July 3, 2016. It ran for twelve episodes, just like its second season, which came out on January 12, 2019. 

B-Project Season 3

B-Project Season 3: Renewal Status

The first two seasons of the anime were produced by two different studios. A-1 Pictures animated its first season, whereas Bandai Namco Pictures took the command to animate the second one. Both of them received a positive response. The second season was a bit more successful, and it managed to get a score of 6.72 on MyAnimeList. As a result, the multimedia franchise didn’t hold back and renew the series for B-Project Season 3 as well.

Utako Yukihiro, the original character designer of the series, announced this news during the B-Project Thrive Live 2020: Music Drugger stage event. At the event, he only confirmed the arrival of the third season and didn’t reveal anything about this forthcoming installment. 

B-Project Season 3

First Video Game Of The Franchise

At the same event, the franchise announced its very first console video game as well. The title of this game will be B-Project: Ryuusei*Fantasia and will be playable on Nintendo Switch. They even released a promotional video for this game which featured all the main characters of the anime. So, at the B-Project Thrive Live 2020: Music Drugger stage event, the fans got the announcement of not only one but new projects. 

B-Project Season 3

B-Project Season 3: Release Date

As we mentioned above, during the announcement, Yukihiro only confirmed the renewal of the anime series for its third season. Except for that, he didn’t reveal a piece of single additional information. It has already been ten months since this announcement, so the third season should be in the production stage now. Therefore, if the production goes smoothly, fans of this musical idol drama can expect B-Project Season 3 to release by the end of 2022. 

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