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Tokyo Revengers Episode 23: Black Dragon Arc Begins! Release Date

The last chapter in Tokyo Revengers marked the end of the Bloody Halloween Arc. Now, the next episode will inaugurate the Black Dragon Arc of the story. In the previous episode, Baji was on his death bed when he revealed that he formed the Tokyo Manji gang to protect Kazutora from the Black Dragon gang. The chances are that Kisaki will still pose a threat to the remaining members in the next arc. So, what was the conclusion of the war in Tokyo Revengers Episode 23? Which gang will rule Tokyo in the end? Here is all you need to know about the new outing.

In the upcoming episode, Takemichi and his friends will mourn the loss of Baji. Draken would ask Takemichi to visit his house and distract himself for a while. But the tables will turn when he leaves his house. On his way back, Hanagaki will spot Emma and Mikey hugging each other. This will sadden him deeply as Takemichi thought that Emma was loyal to Baji. It will be interesting to see how things unfold after this revelation.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 23

Tokyo Revengers Episode 23: Plot Details

The upcoming episode of Tokyo Revengers is titled “End of War.” As the title suggests, the new episode will dive into the aftermath of the final war. The War of the Bloody Halloween came to an end after Baji sacrificed himself for the sake of peace. Mikey also left Kazutora to spend the rest of his days in jail. Now, the next chapter will focus on the younger members of the gang. The preview suggests that Takemichi will meet Draken at his house and discuss the events that will follow post-Baji’s death.

Moreover, pictures of Takemichi and Hinata have also surfaced as a preview. This indicates that the two might investigate the mysteries related to Mikey. Mikey and Emma’s growing relationship is a matter of concern for Takemichi. He believed that Emma loved Baji. But it will be clarified that Emma and Mikey are siblings, and they both mourn the loss of a good friend. Tokyo Revengers Episode 23 will also touch upon the hunt for Kisaki as he is the last straw in eliminating the Brahman gang.

Previous Episode Recap!

Previously on Tokyo Revengers, Baji continued to talk about his initial days with Takemichi and Draken. At the time when the Toman Manji was still newfound, Baji decided that he needed to form a team that could work together with trust. Thus, the Tokyo Manji gang came into being. The gang’s sole purpose was to keep an eye on Kazutora and keep him away from the threats. Baji said that they gathered enough money to buy an enchanted charm to keep bad omens away from the gang. Moreover, he took out the charm from his pocket and showed it to Mikey.

Mikey realized that Baji sacrificed himself to save Kazutora. Thus, he left him to his fate and left the car shed. Later on, the episode drifts to the past showing Baji and Chifuyu when they were mere teenagers. Baji saved Chifuyu from a pack of goons during their first meeting. Now, Baji was ruling the Tokyo Manji gang, and Chifuyu was nowhere to be found. On this euphoric note, the episode left fans with many questions.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 23

Tokyo Revengers Episode 23: Release Date

The War of the Bloody Halloween has come to an end, and Tokyo is looking for a new ruler. Is Mikey the new gang leader? Tokyo Revengers Episode 23 will release this Saturday on September 13, 2021. Fans can find all the latest episodes of the anime only on Crunchyroll. Moreover, the free version of the episode will be available a week after the initial release.