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My Hero Academia Manga: Deku May Not Be The Protagonist Anymore!

The last week’s episode of My Hero Academia changed many things for the story. My Hero Academia Chapter 324 was one of the most heart-touching editions that fans have seen in a while. The chapter presented Deku in his lowest points. The aspiring superhero was on the verge of giving up his dreams in the face of resistance. But his friends came to the rescue and stood by him all through the hardships. The most significant act in this arc was Ochaco’s speech. Her words have not only changed the perception of the hero community, but they have also had a deep impact on Deku.

So, is this the moment Deku will give up his dream and step down as the aspiring Hero? All the clues point towards the same theory. Even the fans believe that My Hero Academia might be phasing out Deku’s predominant storyline and making space for other arcs to enter. Can fans expect to see a new focal point in the future chapters? Here is a brief analysis of all the hints.

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia: Deku’s Lowest Point!

The previous chapter of My Hero Academia was a heavy edition for many fans. After endless convincing and strong resistance, the mob was reluctant to understand. Only after Ochaco Uraraka took center stage, the crowd of civilians agree to listen to the students. So, Ochaco got to the top of the building and began her heartfelt speech. She started by telling the stories of Deku. Ochaco revealed how Deku started off as a naive meek boy. He only wanted to help and protect the weak while being the weakest himself. Also, she revealed the number of times Deku had saved her in the past.

Her emotional speech not only made Deku weep with guilt, but it also made the crowd hysterical about their ideas. Immediately the mob began to root for the young students. Many people came forward to reveal how they were saved by Deku once. Later on, a woman emerged from the crowd to comfort Deku and apologize on behalf of all the civilians. Both Ochaco and Deku ended up getting overwhelmed by the love that the people displayed. In this way, the students not only managed the security of the school, but they also handled an angry crowd with maturity.

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Deku To Give Up His Dreams?

My Hero Academia Chapter 324 ended with Deku declaring that this is “the story of how we all became the greatest Heroes.” This incident indicates that the story is slowly drifting towards a new pivot. For the longest time, My Hero Academia has narrated the story of Deku Vs. All For One. But now that the stakes have been raised, the story might need more than a single hero to battle the odds. In the current scenario, Deku has lost all hope to become the greatest Hero of all time.

In his weak moment, someone else might take center stage and move the story forward. But My Hero Academia manga did not set up the plot to introduce a new lead out of thin air. Thus, it is safe to say that the story will not focus on a single character for the time being. Fans will get a glimpse of all the budding arcs. This will include the growing relationship between Ochaco and Deku. The plans of All For One and the smaller conflicts of other characters will also be explored in the acts. Moreover, if the story is to take a collective narrative, the author must make the class lose someone dear.

My Hero Academia

As harsh and dark as it may sound, the loss of a friend is the only way the collective arc would kick off. It will also create a void in the hero community that would need to be filled in the near future. This will also set the stage for the final battle against Shigaraki and All For One. It will be interesting to see how the story will change after Deku steps down as the only Hero who hopes to save the world. Stay tuned to TheAnimeDaily for more updates.