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My Hero Academia Chapter 326 Goes On Hiatus! New Release Date & Plot

It is a piece of sad news for all the fans of My Hero Academia. While the farewell date of the anime is nearing, the manga has also come out with sad news. The unofficial Twitter account of the Weekly Shonen Jump recently revealed that the new chapter of MHA is going to be on hiatus this week. The news was stamped official when Viz media did not update its release schedule. So, when is My Hero Academia Chapter 326 coming out? What will happen after the events of the UA High Raid? Here is all you need to know.

In the upcoming chapter, the pro heroes will meet the students of UA High and praise them for displaying courage in the toughest times. All Might, Endeavor, and Hawks will meet Deku and comfort him after the traumatic experience. Moreover, the chapter will also delve into the planning and plotting of the upcoming war. Thus, the stage is set for epic action and thrill.

My Hero Academia Chapter 326
Source: Viz Media

My Hero Academia Chapter 326: Plot Details

The new chapter will bring new developments in Kurugiri’s case. Mr. Aizawa and Present Mic will continue to look for the core member of the League of Villains. Moreover, Aizawa might also study Himiko’s quirk and ponder upon how they can prevent protests like this in the future. By the end of the previous chapter, All Might was seen standing outside the UA High. He looked skeptical of the events that took place. In My Hero Academia Chapter 326, All Might will meet villain Stain and share a dialogue with him about the ideology of the League of Villains.

Later on, the chapter will probably delve into the planning and plotting of the upcoming war. Tomura Shigaraki and his League of Villains have all the situation in their hands. With the world losing its trust over the heroes, this is the best time for Tomura to strike the iron. But the heroes will also raise the bar of security after the UA High Raid. Fans can expect more specific plot details once the chapter comes closer to the release date.

My Hero Academia Chapter 326

Previous Chapter Recap!

In the 325th chapter of My Hero Academia, fans witnessed the heartfelt reunion of Deku and Kota. After Ochaco’s speech, the civilians had a change of heart for Deku. The common people started believing that Deku might not be the villain they believed him to be. Kota and the mutant came out from the crowd and hugged Deku. Kota also apologized to the latter for not standing up for him during the protest. Later on, the civilians got into an argument on what they should do to help Deku.

One man asked Deku that if they helped him, would they get their normal lives. Deku stood up and answered that if all the people stood by him, he would give his life to turn things back to normal. Meanwhile, the pro hero discussed that they put a big burden upon Deku’s young shoulders. The chapter ended with principal Nezu telling Mr. Aizawa that his class handled the situation with utmost dignity and maturity. Hence, Aizawa felt proud of his young heroes.

My Hero Academia Chapter 326
Source: Viz Media

My Hero Academia Chapter 326: Release Date

Several reports suggest that the latest chapter of MHA will be on hiatus this week. The official website of Viz also does not reveal the release date of the new chapter. The reason behind the break is not clear yet. But sources suggest that the new chapter will be back by next week. Thus, fans can expect to get My Hero Academia Chapter 326 on September 19, 2021. We will be sure to update this section as soon as a solid release date is out.