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Remake Our Life Episode 11: Kyoya Goes Back To 2008! Release Date

One of the recent anime series that is on the verge of a conclusion is Remake Our Life. The month of September will bring the conclusion of many shows. Remake Our Life Episode 11 will be the second last episode in the series. After that, fans will probably have to wait for a few months before getting a renewed season. For now, Kyoya will try to undo his mistakes and set things right after realizing his blunders. So, can he save the dying game that launched in the market? Here is all you need to know.

In the upcoming episode, Kyoya will have a change of heart after watching Nanako’s video. In the video, she talked about how Kyoya was the one who motivated her to keep working even after retirement. Thus, Kyoya might also try to take his own words and start by changing himself. Later on, he will travel back to 2008 and share a dialogue with the members of the platinum generation. Will things go in his favor?

Remake Our Life Episode 11

Remake Our Life Episode 11: Plot Details

The title of the upcoming episode of Remake Our Life is “Be Prepared.” In the next episode, Kyoya will battle his inner conscience that has made a fixated belief. After the incidents with the platinum generation members, he decided that he will never participate in other people’s conflicts. Moreover, he has decided that he would also not interfere by offering uncalled help. However, this decision has cost him a high price.

The last game of his firm, Mystic Clockwork, turned out to be a serious disaster. Due to the lack of time and manpower, the game had many bugs, and gamers absolutely hated it. In Remake Our Life Episode 11, Kyoya might get motivated after he saw Nanako’s video. Thus, he might try to travel back to 2008 and talk to the members of the platinum generation once again. By fixing this mistake, he will also save the new game in the present timeline.

Remake Our Life Episode 11

Previous Episode Recap!

The tenth episode of ROL started with Kyoya and his team working on the new game, namely Mystic Clockwork. But everything was not going as smooth as he was expecting. The new illustrator that he hired to design characters also ran late with her work. She came in and asked for an extension, but the producer denied the request. However, Kyoya had realized that this game might not be a successful venture as no work was next to complete.

Later on, when the game was launched, fans stormed the papers and tabloids with negative reviews. Kyoya recalled that if he had interfered with the conversation between the producer and Kawasegawa, they could have saved the game. However, his earlier experiences in such matters did not pay off well. Hence, he decided never to intervene in matters that were not his business. The episode ended with Kyoya finding Nanako’s video on the internet where she talked about her motivator, who was Kyoya himself.

Remake Our Life Episode 11

Remake Our Life Episode 11: Release Date

Kyoya finds his inner calling or not, fans will always find entertainment while watching this brilliant slice-of-life. Will he listen to his inner conscience? Remake Our Life Episode 11 will release this weekend on September 18, 2021. A new episode is released every week only on Anime-Planet. Lastly, keep an eye on this corner for all the latest updates on the anime world.