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Remake Our Life Episode 3: Kyouya’s Group to Finish The Project! Release Date

The title of Remake Our Life Episode 3 is “Just Who Am I?” Only two episodes have come out of this newly released anime series. Yet, it has already managed to catch everyone’s attention. Well, this likely happened due to its unique premise that involves time travel. There have been shows that featured time travel perfectly, and one of the currently running anime, Tokyo Revengers, is a perfect example of it.

Its story is also kind of the same as the protagonist, Kyouya Hashiba, travel through time to improve his life. The previous two episodes of this anime were impressive, and now the viewers are waiting for the third one. Well, in the upcoming outing of the show, the group of Kyouya will finally finish the project. So, when will fans be able to watch the new episode of Remake Our Life? Here are all the latest details.

Remake Our Life Episode 3

Remake Our Life Episode 3: Plot Details!

In the forthcoming episode of the anime, fans will get to know about a lot of things. The group got a task to make a 3-minute-long film. However, after checking the final draft, they realized that their film would cross this limit. As a result, now the group of Kyouya will be trimming the story of their film. It seems like the Kyouya is not the only one who can travel through time. 

Remake Our Life Episode 3 will feature Kyouya discovering about Tsurayaki and Nanako as the artists of the Platinum trio. There is a possibility that they might finish their film in under 3 minutes. But it is likely that after that many cuts, they won’t be able to secure the top place.


Remake Our Life Episode 3

Previous Episode Recap!

In the second episode of Remake Our Life, the viewers saw Kano giving a task to the students. They have to make a short film with time as its main theme. During the part-time job, Kyouya and Nanako discussed ideas for their film. Kyouya proposed Tsurayuki would go in the future, and the four of them will film it at the station. However, Tsurayuki asked Kyouya how he got the exact same idea as he did. This was when Kyouya realized their script is surpassing the time limits. So, they need to make some cuts. But Tsurayuki is not willing to do the same.

Remake Our Life Episode 3

Remake Our Life Episode 3: Release Date

The new episode of this latest anime comes out every Saturday. Therefore, the audience will see Remake Our Life Episode 3 on July 17, 2021. It will finally reveal the project that Kyouya’s has been working on. Fans of this new anime will be able to stream its new episode on Crunchyroll.

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