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Dr. Stone Chapter 211: Senku Off To The Moon! Plot & Release Date

The newest chapter of Dr. Stone will bring much tension to the floors. Senku and his crew have done all the necessary preparations to begin their journey to the Moon. However, since they have used all the stone age technology and equipment, the medusa might not work. Nonetheless, the genius scientist will find all the possible ways to set things right. Moreover, they will finally sail off to the Moon. In Dr. Stone Chapter 211, fans will get all the answers they are looking for. Will Senku succeed? Here is all you need to know!

In the upcoming episode, Senku and the crew will finally test the medusa. On the other hand, Chrome and Suika plan on building a return rocket that they can send after Senku is done with his mission on the Moon. However, without him, building the rocket may not be as easy. How will the two build a second launch rocket?

Dr. Stone Chapter 211

Dr. Stone Chapter 211: Plot Details

In the upcoming chapter of Dr. Stone, fans will see one of the most crucial parts of Senku’s plan. The process of building the rocket will finally come to an end. Now, the crew will commence the test launch of the rocket. Senku and his think tank will also analyze the suitability of the weather before starting the mission. Thus, in Dr. Stone Chapter 211, the rocket to the Moon will finally take flight. Senku and his team will navigate to the planet and begin with the second part of their mission.

Meanwhile, on Earth, Chrome and Suika will start the crusade to build a return rocket. They will start by gathering all the necessary raw materials like aluminum and copper. Later, they will take all the insights from Senku about the rocket. Before he leaves, he will give them the roadmap to build the rocket. Thus, two missions will begin in the new chapter, one on the Moon and the other back home.

Dr. Stone Chapter 211

Previous Episode Recap!

In the 210th episode of Dr. Stone, the construction team began their journey to Japan. On the way, Senku and Ryusui talked about their plans after the rocket was built. Senku revealed that they were going to build the rocket in Japan itself. They have stored enough copper and bauxite required to build the rocket. Thus, the harder part of their journey is done with. Later, Chrome asks Senku who will be the three pilots on the rocket.

Ryusui and Senku will be the two captain pilots. Moreover, they would be assisted by Hyoga and Tsukasa as soldiers. Encouraged by the active participation of all the members, Chrome also decided to contribute to this cause. Thus, he confronted Suika about his idea to build a return rocket. Suika happily agreed to the idea. The chapter ended with Chrome listing the materials he would need to build the second medusa.

Dr. Stone Chapter 211

Stone Chapter 211: Release Date

The return trip may serve a higher price than Senku is expecting. Can he find a way to return to Earth after their mission is complete? Fans will only find out when the new edition comes out. Dr. Stone Chapter 211 will release this weekend on September 17, 2021. The readers will get all the latest episodes of the manga on the official website of Viz Media. So, stay tuned for more updates.