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Black Clover Chapter 306: Yuno Uses Wind Spirit! Release Date & Plot

The newest chapter of Black Clover is almost here. With new battles commencing each week, fans eagerly wait for the next editions. On top of that, cliffhangers have become a staple for the manga now. Every week, the story leaves on points that always end up with question marks. Now, Black Clover Chapter 306 has many queries to answer. For instance, who won after Yuno charged his killer attack? Or, how did Langris survive the attack in such proximity? Here is all you need to know about it.

In the forthcoming episode of Black Clover, Yuno and Langris will share an honest conversation about their past life. While being in the Golden Dawn, the two were almost rivals. Moreover, Langris had a special hate for Yuno because of his achievements. Even Yuno was not very fond of him in the beginning. However, the two might settle their differences in the next outing.

Dr. Stone Chapter 306

Black Clover Chapter 306: Plot Details

The upcoming chapter of Black Clover will crown the winner of the battle between Langris and Zenon. Langris was smart enough to realize that he could not take down the opponent on his own. Thus, instead of resisting the attacks, he drained him by dodging all the bouts. As a result, Zenon got overwhelmed by the sense of defeat. By the end of the chapter, he almost cracked open Langris’ shield using his bones. However, Yuno jumped in to save the day.

In Black Clover Chapter 306, fans will see the outcome of the Wind Spirit Creation Magic attack by Yuno. When Zenon was about to finish Langris with a final attack, Yuno charged his killer blow over him. Moreover, the new chapter will also touch upon the relationship shared by Yuno and Langris. The latter had never been fond of the Vice-Captain of the Golden Dawn. But this battle will change many things for the two peers.

Dr. Stone Chapter 306

Previous Chapter Recap!

In Chapter 305 of Black Clover, fans saw the beginning of one of the most intense battles of the manga. Langris and Zenon collided head-on in the previous edition. However, Langris realized very early in the battle that he could not resist Zenon’s Spatial Mana Zone. Thus, he dodged his attacks for a while before coming up with a winning plan. After observing the mana domination for a while, it occurred to Langris that Yuno could easily enter Zenon’s domain and fight him in close contact.

In the meantime, Langris managed to create an impregnable shield around his body so that Zenon’s domain could not enter it. Yuno praised the smart defense tactic and offered to join the battle. However, Langris could not accept the offer out of sheer shame. The chapter ended with Zenon cracking Langris’ shield with a bone attack. In the same moment, Yuno charged the Wind Spirit Creation Magic attack over him. The chapter ended by showing the result of this blow.

Dr. Stone Chapter 306
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Black Clover Chapter 306: Release Date

The battle between Zenon and Yuno will last for a few more chapters. Who will come out victorious after the intense showdown? Only the next chapter can answer the question. So, Black Clover Chapter 306 will release on September 17, 2021. A new chapter releases each week on the official website of Viz Media. Keep an eye on this corner for all the latest updates.