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Black Clover Chapter 305 On Hiatus: Find Out Why! Release Date & Plot

On Monday, when readers were expecting to see Black Clover Chapter 305 in the Weekly Shonen Jump, all they found was a note from the Editorial Department. Even Viz Media and Shonen’s official website had no new chapter in the palate. The note confirmed that the Black Clover manga was going to be on an emergency hiatus. Moreover, the release date of the new chapter was also revealed. So, when is the next chapter releasing? What is the reason for the hiatus? Here is all you need to know about it.

A brand new chapter of the popular manga was supposed to release today. It would feature some of the most anticipated battles of the manga. Langris and Yuno would get into an epic battle with Zenon Zogratis, the Supreme demon. Zenon is the biggest enemy of the Spade Kingdom, as most of all Asta. Thus, his execution is necessary for the safety of the common people. Moreover, the love arc of Asta and Noelle would also kick off in the next edition.

Black Clover Chapter 305
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Black Clover Manga On Hiatus!

Last week, at the time of the release of Chapter 305, author Yuki Tabata took to his official Twitter account to share a piece of unfortunate news with his followers. Minutes later, the Editorial Department of Weekly Shonen Jump confirmed the news of the hiatus. The statement suggested that the Black Clover manga will go on an emergency hiatus for a week. The reason for the break turned out to be the poor health conditions of the author. For now, the severity of the situation is not clear. But the makers did confirm that the break would not last longer than a week.

Black Clover Chapter 305: What Will Happen Next?

After the defeat of lady Megicula at the hands of the Silva Siblings, one of the most crucial plotlines of Black Clover has come to an end. Megicula was the devil who killed Nozel and Noelle’s mother when the siblings were mere children. Her death has eliminated one of the biggest threats of the Spade Kingdom. On top of that, it has also served justice to Nozel’s mother. Now, the new chapter will focus on the battle of Langris and Yuno against Zenon Zogratis. Zenon is one of the core members of the Dark Triad.

Thus, if the two are able to take down the devil, Spade will have one less enemy to fear. In Black Clover Chapter 305, Noelle will finally confronts Asta about his love for her. After fulfilling his destiny of killing Megicula, he will focus on his love life. Moreover, Gaja might also express his feelings to Lolopechka. Thus, fans can expect to see interesting connections building in the new chapter.

Black Clover Chapter 305

Black Clover Chapter 305: Release Date

The latest chapter of Black Clover will not be away for long. Mangaka Yuki Tabata has made it clear that he will return with a new chapter in one week. Thus, Black Clover Chapter 305 will release next Monday on September 13, 2021. All the chapters of the manga will be available on the official website of Weekly Shonen Jump. Moreover, the chapter will feature in the Shonen magazine on the same day.