Most Powerful Demon Slayers in Kimetsu No Yaiba
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Most Powerful Demon Slayers In Kimetsu No Yaiba Ranked! Tanjiro Is #4

Here is a great list to find out who are the Most Powerful Demon Slayers in Kimetsu No Yaiba! Since the humongous success of Demon Slayer Mugen Train in 2019, the show has gained all the attention that it could get from the audience. There has come a certain trend since the mid-2000s. The audience is beginning to root for shows with multiple characters that are not specifically white or black. Thus, Demon Slayer is a show that gives a plethora of characters, all of whom are extremely contrasting both in fighting skills and personality.

Thus, it is natural for the audience to compare the characters on the basis of their power quotient. So, if you are also debating your favorite characters with your friends, this list might help you solidify your points. Or this might work against you. Nonetheless, this list will definitely bring out an ensemble debate. Thus, without any further ado, here is a brief listing of the Most Powerful Demon Slayers in Kimetsu No Yaiba.

1. Zentisu Agatsuma

The list certainly begins with one of the most annoying yet dedicated characters of Demon Slayer, Zentisu. Since the first look in the entrance test, it was clear that Zenitsu is one hell of an irritating character. Even when Tanjiro finally teams up with him for further missions, he proves to be a pain for everyone. However, the fighting spirit and power quotient of the boy are unmatched. There is a reason why he beat all the worthy contenders and became part of the demon slayer corps in the first place. Furthermore, his Thunder Breathing Technique is something we have never seen someone master before.

Most Powerful Demon Slayers In Kimetsu No Yaiba

2. Hashibira Inosuke

On the second-ranking of this list is Zenitsu’s peer and his arc enemy, Hashibira Inosuke. The catch with Inosuke’s character is that he always wears a boar mask to look more haunting and dangerous. The mask also comes in handy in Mugen Train when the demon was struggling to make eye contact with him. But as for his power quotient as a demon slayer, Inosuke is incredibly powerful. His Wind Breathing Style is also stylized with a unique touch of rage that he actively tries to retain. It is good that Inosuke wears the boar mask; otherwise, no one would take him seriously with that girlish face.

Hashibira Inosuke

3. Kanao Kocho

The next on the list of Most Powerful Demon Slayers in Kimetsu No Yaiba is Kanao Kocho. Kanao was very young when she was made to enter the human traffic by force. But Shinobu rescues her and trains her to become a strong Hashira. Her naive character and impressive Flower Breathing Style is a great trick to imperialize any enemy. A little experience and practice would definitely make Kanao a class one Hashira at the Demon Slayer Corps.

Most Powerful Demon Slayers In Kimetsu No Yaiba

4. Tanjiro Kamado

Before bashing us right away in the comment section, hear us out on why Tanjiro gets the top spot on this list. For a start, Tanjiro is the only member of the Demon Slayer Corps who has ever come face to face with Muzan Kibutsuji. The way Tanjiro has evolved from a non-warrior to a top-grade Demon Slayer is commendable. Furthermore, his bravery and courage during the events of the Mugen Train place him in a top position.

Tanjiro Kamado

5. Kyojuro Rengoku

Of course, you were looking for Rengoku’s name on this list of Most Powerful Demon Slayers in Kimetsu No Yaiba. For now, Rengoku is one of the few Hashira that we have actually seen in action. Aside from Shinobu and Giyu, he is the only one who has fought the Twelve Moon Demons face-to-face. Also, we will always remember the sacrifice of this warrior after he valiantly fought Akaza on the Mugen Train. Even his Fire Breathing Technique was a unique style of fighting.

Kyojiro Rengoku

6. Sanemi Shinazugawa

Remember the Hashira who got into a fight with Nezuko as soon as Tanjiro and his sister arrived at the headquarters of the Corps? Yes, that’s Sanemi Shinazugawa. A mere look at the man would tell you that he has been in the demon-slaying business for a long time. His powers include the Breath of Wind style, much like that of Inosuke. Even though we have not seen the warrior in action just yet, it is safe to say that he is easily one of the most powerful demon slayers that we have seen in the show so far.

Most Powerful Demon Slayers In Kimetsu No Yaiba

7. Gyomei Himejima

On the first spot of this list of the Most Powerful Demon Slayers in Kimetsu No Yaiba is Gyomei Himejima. Just like the case of Sanemi, we have also not seen Gyomei in action. The most striking detail that sets apart this guy from the rest of the demon slayers is the choice of his weapon. Instead of a classic sword, Gyomei uses a hand ax that is attached to a controlling chain. Even his fighting style is something that no one has ever heard of. The Breath of Stone style uniquely combines with the ax and makes Gyomei the most powerful demon slayer in the show so far.

Most Powerful Demon Slayers In Kimetsu No Yaiba

With this, we can end our list of the Most Powerful Demon Slayers in Kimetsu No Yaiba. Which of these Hashira is your personal favorite character from the show? Do you think Tanjiro will ever become a pillar of Hashira in the sequel? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment box below. For more such exciting listicles, The Anime Daily is your place.


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