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My Hero Academia Chapter 330: All For One Vs. Stars! Release Date

My Hero Academia manga is in the midst of its final arc. As the story moves forward, more and more cornerstone events conclude in the plot. Fans are still not out of the shock that came along with the last chapter. Now, the plot details of My Hero Academia Chapter 330 implies an even bigger shock is on the way. Amid the battle between Shigaraki and Stars & Stripes, something astonishing will happen in the Tokyo sky. Without beating around the bush too much, here is all you need to know about the new chapter.

In the forthcoming outing, Shigaraki will find it difficult to survive against the power quirk of Stars and Stripes. This will catalyze the fusion of All For One within him. Thus, the vessel fusion between Shigaraki and All For One will be completed in the next outing. What follows this combining? Let’s find out.

My Hero Academia Chapter 330
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My Hero Academia Chapter 330: Plot Details

The latest chapter of My Hero Academia is titled “I and I.” The pilots of the AFO will inform Stars and Stripes that the villain that just passed by them was Tomura Shigaraki. At that moment, the AFO hits something. Stars and Stripes will see that several Nomus have surrounded their AFO from all sides. Stars got out of the ship and activated her quirk. Her ‘New Order’ quirk created a non-atmosphere arena around Shigaraki. As a result, his eye began to bleed, and he lost his breath.

But he was saved by Nomu at the right time. But Stars trapped him into a shield once again. This enrages All For One, who was controlling Shigaraki from within. He began to take control of Shigaraki’s body. He will resist, but All For One will take complete control of his powers and his entire body. My Hero Academia Chapter 330 will end with the completion of this fusion as black clouds will surround the sky, and All For One will float across with a new body.

My Hero Academia Chapter 330
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Previous Chapter Recap!

The 329th chapter of MHA opened with All For One telling Spinner that taking down One For All is only a stepping stone in his plan. Spinner wondered what was his plan after all. Later, All For One explained that the American Hero possesses one of the strongest quirks in the world. If he got hold of that power, more than half of his mission would be completed. Meanwhile, on the streets of Tokyo, the members of the Paranormal Liberation Army continued to kill any resistance from the common people.

On the other hand, pro heroes including Endeavor, Best Jeanist, and Hawks went to the airport to greet the American hero. However, Hawks received the report that something else was also flying besides Stars and Stripes. The mysterious flying object came lower and said hello to the American Hero. Stars and Striped asked Shigaraki if he was the infamous All For One. He answered by declaring that no one knows what he exactly is.

My Hero Academia Chapter 330

My Hero Academia Chapter 330: Release Date

The newest chapter of MHA is only two days away, and so is the action in Tokyo. The arrival of Stars and Stripes and proving to be more troublesome than the authorities anticipated. So, will All For One try to steal her quirk as well? My Hero Academia Chapter 330 will release this Sunday on October 17, 2021. Fans will find all the chapters of the manga only on the official website of Viz Media. Stay tuned with The Anime Daily for more updates.

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