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My Hero Academia Chapter 340: Shinsou Is Back! Release Date & Plot

As Hirokoshi announced that the manga will come to an end by next year, the chapters from now on will see the final war that concludes the series and determine its future ventures. My Hero Academia Chapter 340 will release this week. With Shinsou’s entry into his new hero suit, Aizawa’s plan seems to be getting clearer. All Might is also preparing for an all-out war against AFO. The last chapter also confirms that Aoyama does not have much of a choice but to help the heroes to redeem himself for the last time. So, here is everything to know about the next chapter.

The end of My Hero Academia is near, and many side characters will play a huge role in the final chapters. The final war is inevitable, and the heroes are putting all of their efforts into a victory. In such dire situations, Aizawa’s plan seems to involve Aoyama and one of his favorite students, Shinsou. Plus, Deku’s father’s mystery also remains covered. The next chapters will bring major revelations for the fans.

My Hero Academia Chapter 340

My Hero Academia Chapter 340: Plot Details!

My Hero Academia Chapter 340 raw scans are finally available. The chapter begins with All Might explaining the details about their chalked-out plan. Hawks also takes the lead. The heroes state that a fewer numbers are involved in the plan after Aoyama’s deed. Ragdoll is then called for their active participation in the team. All Might explains his plan in detail. The heroes have to find a way to separate Shigaraki and All For One since both together can cause unceasing harm.

All Might also added that Shigaraki is much more powerful than his master, AFO, and serves as more of a threat. Hence, both should be kept 10 kilometers away. The scene then shifts to Aizawa speaking to Aoyama, who is held captive. While the heroes are starting to trust the young UA student, Tsukauchi is still suspicious of him. Aizawa strictly states that he will not be allowed back in UA and might never get a chance to be a hero.

Hence, he should fight in the battle anyhow. With Dabi and other members of the League of Villains also present in the war, it will be interesting to see what moves the heroes have planned. The chapter reaches its ending when Shinsou appears hanging upside down on a tree and declares that the time has finally come for him.

My Hero Academia Chapter 340

Previous Chapter Recap!

The 339th chapter of My Hero Academia is a rather steady start to the dark moments that will follow up soon. It begins with Midoriya and Iida entering the Development Studio. Both of their gears needed a fixing, and Hatsume’s help was called for. However, to much surprise, Hatsume denies her help to both Iida and Deku. Deku later interviews if she is aware of the outside world or is busy working on her new inventions. To which she exclaims that she is very much aware of it all.

Later, Hatsume throws Iida’s armor and Midoriya’s gloves towards them that she had made while talking to them. The scene then shifts to UA students debating over whether Aoyama will join hands with the heroes. However, Shoto states that Aoyama is sure to help them. Later, other heroes have won a fight in the Kansai region. Fat Gum confirms that the heroes are prepared and will not attack sneakily but unleash from the front. Plus, All Might and Hawks discuss their plan B and the other battle.

My Hero Academia Chapter 340

My Hero Academia Chapter 340: Release Date

Horikoshi’s has the final war is coming very soon. So, as the series progresses, the chapters will get more intense. Plus, many major revelations are yet to find a place in the text. With this, My Hero Academia Chapter 340 will release on January 16, 2022. The manga will be available on both Manga Plus and Viz Media. Hence, for more updates on the same, keep coming back to The Anime Daily.

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