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My Hero Academia Is Eyeing Yet Another Pro-Hero Sacrifice! Who Is It?

The My Hero Academia manga is currently dealing with the grimmest arc in the storyline. With each progressing chapter, the stakes are growing higher than ever. The subtle humor that was predominant in the manga has departed. Now, the world has succumbed to the danger of getting taken over by All For One and Tomura Shigaraki. In the face of evil, heroes are dying every day. But the most recent loss in the manga has veered the story towards a new beginning.

So, My Hero Academia Chapter 334 began with the revelation that American Hero Stars and Stripes no longer has the quirk New Order. In the choice between saving her body and her quirk, she chose the former. This was a seemingly smart decision from Stars’ side as she knew the powers that her quirk held. The god-level quirk was so powerful that it could eliminate any other quirk that resided within a body.

My Hero Academia Chapter 331
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How Did Stars Die?

In close distance combat, Tomura Shigaraki had the chance to steal Stars’ quirk. As he grabbed her by the face, he used the decay quirk to disintegrate her face. At the same time, he was also taking away New Order. Now, Stars’ had to choose between the quirk and her body. As a result, she decided to give up the former and let the quirk do its work. But she did not anticipate that the process would kill her instead. This way, the strongest superhero from America lost both her power and her life.

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What Happened Next?

As soon as Shigaraki took away New Order, he wanted to activate it. But when the quirk entered his body, he realized that his body was beginning to break out. Shigaraki felt that New Order was hindering with the other quirks that resided in his body. As a result of this, he was feeling strange breakouts. It suddenly appeared to him the New Order was slowly eating away his other powers. An explanation panel from the manga mentioned that New Order had the capability to destroy other quirks that it is placed against. Since Tomura was unaware of this, he regretted the idea of stealing the quirk.

My Hero Academia Chapter 335
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Later on, he found an escapee prisoner to whom he wanted to pass on the quirk to. As he was about to commence the transfer, a figure of Stars and Stripes appeared before him. She mocked him and called him an idiot. The figure explained that New Order was a power that combusted other powers within a body. This meant that in the process of eliminating Tomura’s quirks, New Order ceased to exist. This way, the quirk itself got exhausted.

This way, both Stars and her quirk were sacrificed for the greater good of humanity. However, her sacrifice was indeed a huge loss to the hero world. Within mere five chapters, the character was able to get to the top lists of hero ranks. Thus, the fall of Stars and Stripes in My Hero Academia will always be remembered. While filling those shoes would be a tough call, there are many young heroes that are aspiring to fight for the sake of humanity.

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