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My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 110: Anonymous Attacks Crawler! Release Date

The newest chapter of Vigilantes is only hours away, and fans are brimming with excitement. Ever since the manga began showcasing cameos from the pilot manga, its popularity has grown highly. In the previous chapter, Number Six celebrated his victory over Koichi Crawler. However, Overclock did not accept the escape as a win. He believed that Six did not even come close to defeating his opponent in the match. What will Number Six do now? Will he get back to the battlefield? Here is all you need to know about My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 110.

The upcoming chapter has a lot of action stored for the fans. Initially, Crawler will fight the Anonymous group. The time is ticking, and the police sirens can arrive anytime now. Crawler has a limited time to defeat these delinquents and make an escape. Can he get
away from these villains and also the authorities?

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 110

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 110: Plot Details

The upcoming chapter of Vigilantes will delve into Crawler’s battle with Anonymous and other villains. However, this battle is not going to last longer as the police are aggressively tracing the delinquents. Crawler had been fighting since the evening now. Even though he is a trained vigilante, there is no way he can conjure as much power to defeat all six villains at once. Thus, his primary goal is going to be escaping the area before the police arrive.

Moreover, the chapter will also delve into a dialogue between Overclock and Number Six. As in the last chapter, the former rejected the idea of victory for Number Six. The villain is most likely to get the news of Crawler’s escape. Thus, he will lose all control of his sanity and try to act under an impulse. However, Overclock will stop him and ask him to take a break. My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 110 will also include Crawler’s brilliant fight with the Anonymous hacker group.

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 110

Previous Chapter Recap!

In Chapter 109 of the popular manga, the police authorities continued to interrogate Anonymous. However, the villain did not give any insight into their future plans. Meanwhile, officer Rapt rushed into the interrogation room to announce that five villains had escaped from the prison. Deeming this as a distraction, Anonymous also escaped the room. On the other hand, Number Six decided to use spontaneous attacks on Crawler so that he could not predict his moves.

However, Koichi had been escaping police and villains all his life. Thus, there are hardly any moves that he cannot avoid and dodge. However, the escapist villains reached the crime scene and greeted master Six. Number Six grinned while looking at them and declared the beginning of Phase 6. Moreover, Anonymous and the five villains surrounded Koichi as Six watched from the building. The chapter ended without Overclock telling Number Six that he should not take pride in such a hollow win.

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 110

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 110: Release Date

In the next two days, fans will get the victor of the long-stretched Crawler Vs. Number Six bowl. So, who is going to win this battle? The answer lies in the next chapter. My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 110 will release this Friday on September 25, 2021. Viz Media and Shonen Jump publish new chapters twice a month. Stay tuned with The Anime Daily for more news updates.

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