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One Piece Chapter 1012: Nami’s Rage Comes Out! Nami Vs. Ulti

We are all set to witness the peak of Nami’s rage in One Piece Chapter 1012 this time. In her next big fight, we will witness what this calm girl is capable of. The chaos at Onigashima has taken an all-new turn in the Wano Country arc. We are at the climactic stage as Luffy and Kaido are the only ones still persevering at the top of the Skull Dome.

We saw in the last chapters that the other four members of the Worst Generation are arriving at the lower levels. Everything is now jumbled up as the characters are finding themselves into newer fights. Back to Nami, we saw her last time with Usopp when O-Tama saved the two of them from Ulti and Page One. Let’s see what the reason behind her blinding rage is.

One Piece Chapter 1012

One Piece Chapter 1012: What Enraged Nami?

As Nami and Usopp were escaping, they were interfered by Big Mom as she was enraged at the loss of Okobore Town. Hence, Big Mom charged an attack on Page One. As anticipated, Ulti got enraged by this interference, and she puts the Big Mom in her crosshairs. But the end of the chapter sees Nami’s blinding anger upon Ulti. Thus, Nami challenges Ulti to a one-on-one fight. What did she do? Let’s explore all that could happen at this cliffhanger.

In Chapter 1012, the story begins with Big Mom striking a hard blow upon Page One. But Ulti also tries attacking Big Mom. Here, Nami is trying to stir the pot and be in the good books of both sides. However, her move just made things worse. Meanwhile, O-Tama tells Komachiyo to run away, but Ulti stops him even before he could consider that thought. O-Tama cries, seeing this, but Ulti tries to shut even her by beating O-Tama with her claws.

One Piece Chapter 1012

Nami Vs. Ulti

Being madly in love with O-Tama, Big Mom cannot see him in pain. Nami is also angered by a fallen O-Tama. Big Mom and Ulti are in a major fight just when we see that Nami has decided to release her rage upon Ulti. Moreover, Nami swiftly swoops in and charges at Ulti with her Clima-Tact. We see her yelling, “Who said you could hit Tama?” while she also refuses to escape with Usopp after hitting Ulti. Thus, One Piece Chapter 1012 comes to an end with Nami angrily announcing that she is going to crush her down.

Did you like this badass attack from Nami? What are your thoughts about Nami’s role in the Onigashima fight so far? Are you excited to see Nami and Ulti face one another in battle? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. For more updates on the One Piece manga, keep visiting our website- The Anime Daily.

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