One Piece Chapter 1012: Spoilers Out! Big Mom’s Big Betrayal! Release Date

We are only two days away from getting One Piece Chapter 1012. Are you excited about the brand-new chapter? The next date is very special because One Piece is coming back after a long hiatus period. The new chapter is officially titled ‘Anko no Jingi.’ The meaning of this title is The Moral Code of Red Bean Paste.


The last that we saw in chapter 1011 was Big Mom surprisingly ‘flying’ somewhere. But she is seen by Captan Kid and Killer just in time. Sensing something fishy, the two decide to chase down Big Mom. We will also see a new character, Hera, in this brand-new chapter. As it happens, the spoilers for the upcoming chapter are finally out! Let us decipher what is latest spoilers suggest.

One Piece Chapter 1012

One Piece Chapter 1012: Plot Details!

Let us begin the analysis by looking at Sanji. The spoilers point out that Black Leg is willing to help Momonosuke. So, he finally comes face to face with Kaidou’s men to reach Oden’s son. He is doing all the fighting while carrying a massive cross on his back. We will learn that this cross is nothing but an injured Roronoa Zoro. It is later revealed that Law, alongside Zoro and Zeus, showed up before Sanji when they left the roof of the Skull Dome. Law tells Sanji that Zoro is very critical with about 20 to 30 broken bones in his body.

We will be seeing Sanji mending the wounds, Zoro. He ties him up with pieces of wood and bandages which made him look like a big cross. In the present, Sanji meets Izou and Kawamatsu. The two samurais tell Sanji that Kinemon is already on his way to save Momonuske. However, suddenly, Zoro wakes up and tells Sanji to return to the Live Floor and help their allies. But he immediately fades away again.

Previous Chapter Recap!

In the previous chapter, we saw that Big Mom beats Page One. Even Lady Yonko is on the verge of breaking her alliance with the strongest creature in the world. Yet, this warning leads to a change of heart in Big Mom. This was also because Big Mom learns that the Beast Pirates wasted a lot of food and even destroyed Okobore Town.

There are high chances that this evil woman would betray her team and join hands with the Straw Hat pirates. On this side, Luffy and Kaido are still struggling to overpower each other. Will Luffy defeat the leader of Beast Pirates? We will only find out in the next one.

One Piece Chapter 1012

One Piece Chapter 1012: Release Date

Since Chapter 1012 was postponed last time, the release date was shifted to Sunday, 9 May 2021. The chapter is only two days away now. Usually, One Piece is available with new chapters every Sunday, but this one was on break. The next manga installment is scheduled to arrive Sunday following a week-long hiatus due to Japan’s Golden Week celebrations.


Are you excited for One Piece Chapter 1012? Will the Big Mom betray her team? Let’s see when the chapter finally arrives. We will be right here for net checking all the details. For more updates on One Piece, keep an eye on this corner.