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One Piece Chapter 1030: Law & Kidd Battle Big Mom! Release Date

This month is possibly the best time for the One Piece anime and manga. Both the parallel stories are currently running the peak arcs of the story. As the anime approaches the millennium, the manga is also keeping up with the hype for the final arc. So far in the story, Luffy’s Straw Hat alliance has kept a fair balance in the war. However, can they win in the final combat in One Piece Chapter 1030? What lies ahead for the Land of Wano? Here is all you need to know about the next chapter.

In the next chapter, Law and Kidd will come face to face with Big Mom. This fight is especially hyped because both the warriors are going to be in their best forms during the fight. Both Law and Kidd have devoured their devil fruits. Thus, fans can expect some epic action in the Onigashima building. As the heat rises, the stakes of losing also inch up every moment. It will be interesting to see which side takes home the medal of victory.

One Piece Chapter 1030
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One Piece Chapter 1030: Plot Details

The next chapter of One Piece already has a stage set for action. The chapter is titled “Echoes the Impermanence of All Things.” The chapter will begin with a look at Kaido’s men having a conversation about their profit in serving the villain. On the stairs, Nami and her gang are trying to escape the castle. They hear screams coming from the top floor. As Nami and Usopp reach the floor, they see Kinemon bleeding heavily. However, Orochi and Kanjuro arrived to attack Nami’s group.

Yamato will arrive to save the group from the two villains. Later, the chapter will shift the focus towards Law and Kidd, who will activate their devil fruits. Thus, their fight against Big Mom commences. In the beginning, the two heroes will face some struggles with controlling their powers. One Piece Chapter 1030 will end with the crash of the building due to collateral damage.

One Piece Chapter 1030

Previous Chapter Recap!

Chapter 1029 of One Piece kicked off with Sanji’s long-stretched battle against Queen. Sanji had been dodging and defending against Queen’s attacks relentlessly. Thus, he decided to run away to catch some breath and buy time to forge the next attack. On the other side, Basil Hawkins inflicted injuries upon himself in order to hurt Killer. As a result of this, Killer could not stand a tall ground against Big Mom.

But Killer understood the functioning of this attack and tried to deactivate Wara Wara no Mi from Hawkins. He cut off the right arm of the Supernova, and nothing happened to him. Then, he took the straw doll and kept it in his possession. Thus, all the powers of Hawkins were neutralized. The chapter ended with Killer ending Hawkins after all his demonic strengths were nullified.

One Piece Chapter 1030
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One Piece Chapter 1030: Release Date

“The Tower” was a great edition in terms of action and drama. Now, the next one has even better brawls stored up for the fans. So, One Piece Chapter 1030 is scheduled to release this Sunday on October 31, 2021. Readers can access all the chapters of OP on the official website of Viz Media. Keep an eye on this corner for more updates.

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