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One Piece Episode 985: Luffy In Action Once Again! Release Date & Plot

We know that you are already struggling to keep up with watchlists and release schedules during the Olympics. But One Piece Episode 985 is something that you should definitely make time for. Let aside the end, the war of Onigashima is not even beginning at this point. For the past month, the pirates are trying to reach Orochi and Kaido. But the hurdles in their way do not seem to end.

The hurdle this time is the weary soldiers who are mocking Luffy and Zoro by wasting their food. This is the soft corner of Luffy that he just cannot control. As a result, the two break out into a gruesome one-on-one with the soldiers. So, the next episode will most likely continue this epic battle since Luffy is back in action after a long time. So, without any further ado, here is all that you need to know about the episode.

One Piece Episode 985

One Piece Episode 985: Plot Details & Preview

The title of One Piece Episode 985 is “Thinking of Tama! Luffy’s furious Strike.” It clearly points towards the end of the last episode when Luffy sees that everyone on Onigashima is wasting food like it is a priceless entity. Hence, he immediately recalls the stories Tama has told him about her days in hunger and poverty. By the end of the episode, we see that Luffy is disappointed in his own team.

Even the raid is not going according to his plan. The incoming has also alerted Orochi of the riad. This is the perfect moment for the enemy to strike. Will this prove to be a disadvantage to the pirate alliance? For now, our main focus is going to be Luffy’s furious action. Let’s see what One Piece Episode 985 holds in store for us.

Previous Episode Recap!

In the 984th episode of One Piece, we see that Luffy and Kid go insanely aggressive after witnessing the wastage of food by Kaido’s men. As it happens, the scene breaks out into an epic one-on-one between the minions and the two pirates. Later, the scene cuts to Orochi, who does not have the slightest idea that the pirate alliance is coming to raid his castle. Chaos is all around in the raid. It is fairly evident that the pirates are struggling to keep discipline in the teamwork. On the other hand, Zoro and Kid are following their own plan. The episode ends with a frustrated Luffy who is planning to replan the entire thing.

One Piece Episode 985

One Piece Episode 985: Release Date

The newest addition to the One Piece anime is all set to arrive at your screens very soon. Luckily, the episode is not facing any delay due to the ongoing Tokyo Olympics. You can still stream all the episodes on Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, and AnimeLab. So, One Piece Episode 985 will arrive on these platforms on August 1, 2021. We hope that you are keeping up with the storyline so far.

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