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One Piece Chapter 1020: Robin Vs. Black Maria! Release Date & Plot

The last hiatus of One Piece Chapter 1020 was news of relief to many fans as it gave them time to enjoy the Olympics peacefully. Now, the chapter is almost around the corner. Much like the anime counterpart, Onigashima is at war here too. Since Luffy’s fall, a lot has happened in the Lands. For a start, the pirate alliance went into chaos on what to do next.

Nonetheless, the warriors strive relentlessly. As a result, they have finally held back the forces of the bad guys until Luffy regains consciousness. The next chapter will likely show a healthy Luffy all set to get back to the battlegrounds. Let’s see what the upcoming edition of OP has in store for us. Here is all that you must know about it!

One Piece Chapter 1020

One Piece Chapter 1020: Plot Details

Most of the rough drafts and plot details were already out last week. There are some other insights that are also out in regards to One Piece Chapter 1020. For a start, the title of the episode is “Robin Vs. Black Maria.” It is clear from the title that the major focus of the chapter is going to be the battle between the one of the Flying Six and Nico Robin. Since the chapter will also feature the battle between Yamato and her father, it is likely that fans will learn more about her devil fruit.

From the plot details, it is clear that the serpent’s daughter uses “Ooguchi no Makami as her devil fruit.” By the end of the chapter, we will see Luffy and Momonosuke flying back to the Onigashima tower. It is finally time that we start rooting for the final showdown of Luffy Vs. Kaido because it is not far away from One Piece Chapter 1020.

Previous Chapter Recap!

In the previous chapter of OP, we see that the fight between Jinbe and Who’s Who does not disappoint. As expected, Jinbe was in his best form for the battle. The blue giant was powered up even to the extent of taking down the pillar of the castle. But luckily, he was neutralized by his friends. Later in the chapter, we see Franky and Sasaki beating up Kaido’s men with the help of the triceratops. By the end of the chapter, Yamato and Kaido finally begin their much-awaited fight. They are on the top of the tomb. Here, all of Onigashima can watch the father and the daughter fight. Let’s see what One Piece Chapter 1020 has in store for us!

One Piece Chapter 1020

One Piece Chapter 1020: Release Date

Since the chapter was on hiatus last week, we can be sure that it is going nowhere this weekend. The chapter was previously set to release on July 25th. But due to the ongoing Olympics, the makers decided to give a break to the readers for a week. So, One Piece Chapter 1020 will return this Sunday on August 1, 2021. As usual, you will find the latest chapter of the manga on the official websites of Shonen Jump, Manga Plus, and Viz Media.

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