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Boruto Episode 209: Kawaki Leaving Home? Release Date & Plot

After a week-long hiatus due to the Tokyo Olympics, the new BNNG episode is finally here. Boruto Episode 209 is essentially a filler episode after the heavy fighting sequences with Boro. Unfortunately, the consequences of the battle turn out to be lethal. The warriors are all emotionally and physically drained after fighting Boro.

Thankfully to Momoshiki, the Team was able to take down the strongest apprentice of the Kara Organization. Now, the Team also knows what they are up against. Boro is only one of the several warriors that the organization has been training for ages. If the ninjas are ever to face the entire clan at once, they might not stand a chance at all. So, the new episode is only two days away, and here is everything that you need to know about it.

Boruto Episode 209

Boruto Episode 209: Plot Details & Preview!

The title of Boruto Episode 209 is “The Outcast.” The direct speculation would be that the title is named after Kawaki. But the show has been notorious in the past for naming episodes that mislead the story. From the preview, we grab that Kawaki leaves his ailing father and brother in the house and goes out to hunt something mysterious. The major takeaway of the preview clip is the white wolf that is appearing in the frame.

Speculation is that the filler episode will compare Kawaki in the classic trope. The wolf pup and Kawaki will connect on the level of being outcasts. Moreover, Boruto is also looking for his brother in the meantime. But this is mere speculation that has a high chance of coming true. What theory are you betting on for Boruto Episode 209? Tell us in the comments.

Previous Episode Recap!

The 208th episode of Boruto came like a relief to many fans. Even though Team Seven has been training relentlessly since the beginning, it was still a big question as to who would ultimately defeat Boro. After all, Team Seven is just a bunch of common kids. To everyone’s surprise, Momoshiki arrives at the battle arena. Not in the physical form but as a conscience within Boruto. The Momo and Boruto fusion then took down Boro, which creates an opening for the Team to escape. In Boruto Episode 209, Kawaki is likely to take center stage in the filler arc.

Boruto Episode 209

Boruto Episode 209: Release Date

As usual, your weekend is going to be full of action and thrill. The new Boruto Naruto Next Generation Episode is all set to reveal the mystery of Kawaki’s disappearance into the woods. Boruto Episode 209 will release this Sunday on August 1, 2021. You can watch all the latest episodes of BNNG on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and AnimeLab for a minimal subscription. The episodes are also available for free on Funimation a week after the actual release.

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