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Boruto Episode 209: Kawaki The Outcast! Release Date & More

Before we jump right into the episode, tell us in the comment section below how excited you are about Boruto Episode 209. The preview of the upcoming episode takes a sharp turn from what we have been watching so far. Post the fight with Boro and Team Seven, it is evident in what danger lurks ahead of them. They now also know what to expect from the Kara Organization.

After successfully taking out a half-dead Naruto from the danger, BNN will shift towards a filler arc meant to dissect the character of Kawaki. With the preview out, there is a significant buzz around the internet regarding the upcoming episode. Since most of the anime is running in delay due to the Tokyo Olympics, the incoming of a Boruto episode is no less than a surprise. So, without any further ado, here is all you need to know about the episode.

Boruto Episode 209

Boruto Episode 209: Plot Details & Preview!

It is clear from the preview of Boruto Episode 209 that the next episode will deviate from the current arc and project the details of Kawaki’s childhood with Naruto and Boruto. The title of the episode is “The Outcast.” The name clearly points towards Kawaki, who had to go through several hardships to become the core member of the Uzumaki family. From the preview, we see that Kawaki will ponder upon an incident with the wolves as a child.

Moreover, many fans believe that this incident is essentially a filler arc to balance the pace of the manga and the show. For now, the primary focus of the plot happens to be the fight between Boro and Team Seven. From what we have seen earlier, this filler arc might last for good two episodes before we can return to the present. Here is the preview.

Previous Episode Recap!

In the last episode before Boruto Episode 209, we saw that Momoshiki takes over Boruto’s consciousness. Later, in this state, he lands a harsh attack on Boro. However, this attack leads to serious consequences on Boruto’s health. The young boy is easily able to rescue Naruto and safely take him back to the village. Boruto later talks to Sarada about his unconscious state when Momoshiki was inside his mind. Let’s see if the next episode will give us any hints about the technique that Momo used to possess Boruto’s power.

Boruto Episode 209

Boruto Episode 209: Release Date

Yes, your weekend is going to be action-packed, even if you don’t have any significant plans. You just have to tune in to Boruto Episode 209 on Crunchyroll and AnimeLab. The episode premieres on July 25, 2021. So, be sure to make time at 5:30 PM JST because watch late will devoid you of many perks. We hope that you are all set to experience the action this Sunday.

Are you excited to watch Boruto Episode 209? What do you think will happen after we finally exit the filler arc? Let’s have a fruitful discussion in the comment box below. For more such exciting news updates on Boruto, keep coming back to The Anime Daily.