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One Piece Chapter 1020 Delayed Due To Tokyo Olympics! Release Date

We know that you are too busy keeping up with the Tokyo Olympics. Considering this fact, One Piece Chapter 1020 is also providing the leniency to take a holiday from Onigashima and enjoy the games. That’s right, the newest chapter of One Piece is not going to land on your screens this weekend. While there is a gruesome war going on in the Land of Wano, we can still take a break and head back to the real games for a while.

Nonetheless, the makers have still released some plot details from the upcoming chapter to keep the show’s relevance. So, expect something grand from One Piece Chapter 1020 because this chapter is going to be worth the wait. With Yamato and Kaido on the Skull Dome, all of Onigashima can witness a father and daughter fight. What will come out of this war? Here is every detail that is important for you!

One Piece Chapter 1020

One Piece Chapter 1020: Plot Details!

Since the chapter is on hiatus this weekend, only half of the plot details were revealed by the makers. The rest of them are probably left for the weekend to come. So, from what we grab from the new details, the new episode is titled “Robin Vs. Black Maria.” And it will majorly focus on Yamato’s powers and the devil fruit that she uses to transform into a Zoan. The fruit is revealed to be ‘Ooguchi no Makami.’

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Later on, the chapter will deviate to the titular arc, which is the fight between Robin and Black Maria. We do not want to spoil your reading experience by revealing many details about the fight. But you do need to know that Luffy will finally regain complete consciousness and strength after devouring enough meat in One Piece Chapter 1020. Moreover, he then asks Momo to take him to castle of Onigashima as he wants to finally finish what was started ages ago.

Previous Chapter Recap!

The last chapter of One Piece was an exciting edition a sit is taking twists and turns that we deserve after crossing the thousandth chapter. In the previous chapter, we saw that Jinbe easily wins the fight against Who’s Who establishing that he is here to take down the rule of evil. Moreover, we later get to see Franky and Sasaki in their best forms. The major takeaway of the chapter was the triceratops. The chapter ends with Kaido and Yamato fighting each other at the Skull Dome. The next one is all set to show the hidden powers of Yamato. Let’s watch out for what is Yamato’s dragon fruit is in One Piece Chapter 1020.

One Piece Chapter 1020

One Piece Chapter 1020: Release Date

At this point in time, fans don’t even go into shock when they hear about the delay in the new chapter of OP. But this time, the manga is not on hiatus due to the usual breaks of author Eiichiro Oda. Japan is going through a busy time because of the Tokyo Olympics. This is the reason why Shonen does not want to engage the audience in the fictional world. So, One Piece Chapter 1020 will come out a week after this weekend. The official release date by Viz Media is confirmed to be August 1, 2021. So, be sure to keep this date in mind.

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