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Boruto Episode 208: Momoshiki’s Manifestation! Release Date & Plot

The title of Boruto Episode 208 is Momoshiki’s Manifestation. The title itself is a vague concept in terms of what we saw in the previous episode. The last episode of Boruto was more focused on Boro and his fight with the new members of Team Seven. For the past few arcs, the series has been focusing on Boruto’s half-brother Kawaki as compared to the titular character. This might be a theme to build Kawaki’s character for something big to come.

So, it’s finally time that we start investing time in the fan theories because the new episode is almost here. Boro is still standing strong against the Team Seven. Moreover, what is the case with Momoshiki and his manifestation? From fan theories to recap to plot details, we have it all covered for you. So, here is all that you must know about the next Boruto Episode.

Boruto Episode 208

Boruto Episode 208: Plot Details & Preview

The preview of Boruto Episode 208 is a pretty grim clip that shows what is about to happen in the next episode. So, fans see that after learning that it is almost impossible to kill Boro, Kawaki and Boruto are planning to try out new techniques. However, in the middle of the battle, Boruto mysteriously charges at Boro, striking him to the ground. Even the boy himself is shocked by his move. He finds that he is turning blue with fire and strength.

Next, Boruto hears someone in his head saying that he will always find help. Now, it must be pretty clear from the title and the preview what is about to happen. Momoshiki has fused into Boruto’s body to increase his strength. The only question that remains unanswered in Boruto Episode 208 is the power level of this fusion as compared to that of Boro’s. Let’s see if this manifestation comes out in favor of Team Seven or not.

Previous Episode Recap!

The last episode of Boruto was also an addition to the battle against Boro, the strongest member of the Kara Organization. It is for the first time that the young ninja warriors are fighting a veteran of the Kara. So far, the team is struggling to even find an opening to hit the giant man. The previous episode also reveals that Boro is equipped with powerful regenerating abilities. This means that the upper-level members of the Kara Organisation cannot be underestimated. Right now, Boruto has no plans as to how he will tackle this fight. Let’s see what happens next in Boruto Episode 208 this weekend.

Boruto Episode 208

Boruto Episode 208: Release Date

One more week and the makers of Boruto Naruto Next Generation are all set to entertain fans with yet another brilliant episode. So, Boruto Episode 208 will release this weekend along with several other shows like DBS, One Piece, and MHA on July 18, 2021. As usual, you will find the episode on AnimeLab and Crunchyroll. So, make sure you do not bump into any work on this date.

Are you excited to watch Boruto Episode 208? What are your thoughts about the first season of Boruto so far? Let’s have a fruitful discussion in the comment box below. For more latest news updates on popular shows, keep coming back to The Anime Daily.