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One Piece Episode 999: Yamato Will Save Momonosuke! Release Date

In less than ten days, the thousandth episode of One Piece will be right on our screens. The landmark episode had been under the radar for months. Now that it is finally around the corner, fans cannot wait to see what is in store for them. Funimation has even announced a worldwide live-stream event to commemorate the millennium landmark episode. So, the stage is set for the most exciting battle of OP. Here is everything you need to know about One Piece Episode 999.

In the upcoming episode of One Piece, fans can expect maddening chaos in Onigashima. All friends and foes are gathered on the same battleground. Some allies will be made, and some friendships will break. In the end, Luffy will be standing tall against Kaido. This will pitch the biggest fight of the series so far. Let’s see what the events are leading up to the fight.

One Piece Episode 999

One Piece Episode 999: Plot Details!

The upcoming episode of One Piece is titled “I Will Protect You! Yamato Meets Momnosuke!” The title gives a clear picture of what fans saw in the last outing. By the end of the episode, Big Mom was after the life of Nami. However, Franky had arrived just at the right moment to save Nami from Zeus. Next up in One Piece, fans can expect to see Zeus having a change. Considering how Big Mom had been terrorizing him since the beginning, he will finally reach a saturation point.

As a result, her most trusted confidant will leave her side. On the other hand, Yamato will finally make it to the city center. She will reunite with Momonosuke and free him from the chains. The chapter will also touch upon Franky’s all out battle with Big Mom. He will be joined by Robin and Jinbei to take her down. Thus, the stage for the most-awaited episode will be set up.

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Previous Episode Recap!

In last week’s episode of One Piece, things seemed to build up for the ultimate climax. On the one hand, Big Mom unleashed all her rage upon the Straw Hat pirate. In a cry for an all-out war, she declared that she would eliminate all of the pirates. However, on the other hand, Shinobu used the chaos in their favor. She reached out to Momonosuke freed him from the shackles. Later in the episode, Yamato came face to face with Ulti.

As they got into a verbal war, the King woke up. He noticed Shinobu helping Momo. Thus, he grabbed Shinobu and threw her down the upper tower. However, Sanji came in to save the day for the girl. But King also managed to overpower Sanji. This caught Luffy’s attention, and he immediately came to the rescue of his teammates. Big Mom also joined the fight following Luffy. The episode ended in much chaos and clatter.

One Piece Episode 999

One Piece Episode 999: Release Date

Reaching the triple-nine figure is a benchmark in itself. It will be interesting to see what the next two celebratory episodes hold in store for the fans. So, One Piece Episode 999 is scheduled to release this weekend on November 14, 2021. The episode will be available on Netflix, Crunchyroll, AnimeLab, and Hulu. Keep an eye on this corner for more updates.

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