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One Punch Man Chapter 156: Murata Teases Early Release! ‘Saitama Vs. ENW’

This will be the third week when One Punch Man does not come out with a new chapter. The 155th chapter left fans hanging with the most interesting cliffhanger. The mere shadow of Evil Natural Water was enough to tell that fans are in for some incredible action. Recently, artist Yusuke Murata tweeted the latest updates on the upcoming chapter. With a single-line tweet, he has managed to take over the internet by storm. So, when is One Punch Man Chapter 156 coming out? What did Murata reveal? Here is all you need to know about it.

In the next episode, Saitama will be taking center stage. The arrival of Evil Natural Water has sparked fear amongst the hero. But they are not aware that the monster is charging towards them with full force. Meanwhile, a three-way fight between Flashy Flash, Garou, and Platinum Sperm will continue to amuse fans until the real threat comes in.

One Punch Man Chapter 156

One Punch Man Chapter 156: Murata Shares New Update

In the most recent update by artist Yusuke Murata, One Punch Man Chapter 156 was teased for an early release. The previous chapter made it to the floors three weeks ago. Thus, it was high time that the makers gave away some interesting news to the fans. So, Murata put out a tweet talking about the release of the next chapter. The artist said that the chapter is completed with the illustration work and ready for release.

However, even with this update, he did not give away the release date of the latest chapter. Thus, fans can expect to see one more announcement revealing the solid release date of the 156th chapter.

What Will Happen Next?

The 155th chapter is left on a jaw-dropping cliffhanger with Garou facing Flashy Flash. This means that the next chapter will surely pick up this fight. Last time, Garou was charging straight towards Platinum Sperm. However, Flashy Flash decided to join the battle in order to end it all. There is a lot of confusion on the battlefield as Garou could not decide how to find the right allies. He thought that his power was enough to take down both Platinum Sperm and Flashy Flash.

On the other side, Platinum Sperm wanted to join hands with Garou. After being rejected, he is left with no choice but to fight them both. It is most likely that Flashy Flash will take them down in a single attack. On top of this, the emergence of Evil Natural Water was the most jaw-dropping part of the outing. It is most likely that Saitama and this monster will be pitched for the most action-packed battle of the outing.

One Punch Man Chapter 156
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One Punch Man Chapter 156: Release Date

As of this latest update, it is clear that the newest chapter of One Punch will find an early release window. The chapter is usually released in Viz Media’s Weekly Shonen Jump. Thus, if the chapter is completed with the illustrations, then it might make it in this Saturday’s issue of Shonen. So, One Punch Man Chapter 156 might release on January 15, 2022. We will be sure to update this section when a solid date is announced. Thus, keep an eye on this space to get more updates.

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