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One Punch Man Chapter 156: Garou Vs. Flashy Flash! Release Date & Plot

Author ONE has given quite a treat to all the readers of One Punch Man. The last two months have had the most regular releases of OPM chapters. It is beginning to look like the mangaka has finally found time from the rest of his projects. So, in the previous chapter, Saitama and Flashy Flash added to the chaos by colliding with Garou and Platinum Sperm. Thus, and the insane battle commences between the three fighters. Here is everything to know about One Punch Man Chapter 156.

The next chapter of One Punch Man will start with the same fight that was paused in the last one. However, the bigger threat that is brewing in the storyline is a giant centipede that is charging towards the SuperNuclear Aircraft. Readers are already excited to see what ONE has lined up for them.

One Punch Man Chapter 156
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One Punch Man Chapter 156: Plot Details

The next chapter of One Punch Man has many arcs to deal with, one after the other. The three-way fight between Garou, Flashy Flash, and Platinum Sperm will continue to catch fire. However, it is most likely that Platinum Sperm will be the most caught up in this battle. This is because Garou is in high spirits after gaining his potential back. He does not want to gang up against Flashy Flash. This might also be of disadvantage to them.

If Saitama decides to join the fight, Garou will be the one left out of the loop. And Platinum Sperm is already not strong enough to get take down both the heroes on their own. Afterward, it will only be two heroes against the scattered villains. One Punch Man Chapter 156 will also dissect the monstrosity of the centipede that is growing under the surface of the ocean.

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One Punch Man Chapter 156
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Previous Chapter Recap!

The 155th chapter of One Punch Man began with Saitama and Flashy Flash crash-landing on the battlefield. King was both tensed and rejoiced to see master Saitama back with them. Both the heroes immediately asked if Garou was responsible for the mess. Saitama ran towards Genos and asked him about the fight. He answered that one of the members of the Monster Association was behind the destruction. Soon after, a fight between Garou and Flashy Flash began.

But the fight is interrupted by Platinum Sperm. He wanted Garou to be on his side and take down Flashy Flash. Instead, he punched Platinum Sperm and regressed his idea of giving orders to others. The next panel showcased a geometric pattern forming up in the sky as the three of them fought. On the other side, a massive centipede was emerging from the underground. A SuperNuclear Aircraft carrier is the one that is the target of this beastly creature.

One Punch Man Chapter 156
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One Punch Man Chapter 156: Release Date

For the past two months, ONE has been dropping new chapters on the first and last Saturdays of the month. Thus, there are strong speculations that the new chapter will come out next Saturday on January 8, 2022. Fans will be able to read all the chapters of the manga only on the official platforms of Viz Media and Shonen. If the chapter is rescheduled, this section will be updated accordingly. Thus, keep an eye on this corner to get more updates.

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