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Ousama Ranking Episode 12: Saving The King! Release Date & Plot

Daida learned a harsh life lesson in the previous episode of Ousama Ranking. He kept believing that his brother was weak and timid throughout his life. But when Bebin and Sorri showed him what real weakness looked like, he was convinced that no disability was a shortcoming. On the other hand, Kage and Bojji took their leave from Despa in order to get back to King’s palace. So, what can be expected from Ousama Ranking Episode 12? Here is everything to know before you jump into the next outing.

The next episode will open with Hiling and Dorshe reaching the throne room to save the King. But it is most likely that it will be too late before they can catch the perpetrators. Meanwhile, Bojji and Kage are already on their way to reach the castle. Thus, the two paths are likely to collide at any moment.

Ousama Ranking Episode 12

Ousama Ranking Episode 12: Plot Details!

The next episode of Ousama Ranking will pick up from the same point where it ended. Hiling and Dorshe are on their way to find what happened to Bosse. One of the Knights informed him that the King was taken hostage by six intruders. Thus, they will take a numbered soldier and charge straight into the King’s throne room. For now, it is not clear who has orchestrated this plan. Thus, even the fans are excited to see Bosse’s newfound enemies.

Another major takeaway of the episode will be the reunion between Bojji and his mother, Hiling. The last that Hiling had heard of her son was that he was dead at the hands of Domas. However, seeing him now will bring tears of joy to her face. Later on, it is most likely that Bojji and Kage will save the King from the kidnappers.

Ousama Ranking Episode 12

Previous Episode Recap!

The eleventh episode of Ousama Ranking, titled “Older and Younger Brother,” opened with Daida asking Bebin about Bojji’s future. Bebin took him to the town to show him something. In the town, Sorri and Daida showed him a man who was both deaf and blind. Even so, he was walking all alone in the market. Thus, Bebin explained that if Daida ever got such weaknesses, he would never live with such confidence. This made Daida think about his brother in a new light. On the other hand, King Daisha came to the cave only to find a strange scent of death there.

He explained that someone from the outside was orchestrating the killings. Here, Bojji and Kage have also taken their leave from the countryside. After bidding farewell to Despa, they left with two Knights. Towards the end of the episode, Hiling and Dorshe find out that Bosse has been captured by some intruders in his own throne room.

Ousama Ranking Episode 12

Ousama Ranking Episode 12: Release Date

The 12th episode of Ranking of Kings will bring out a reunion between Hilling and Bojji. The mother and son’s union will be the most heartwarming scene of the episode. So, Ousama Ranking Episode 12 is scheduled to release next week on January 6, 2022. Much like other series, this one will also take a break on the new year’s holiday. The episode will come out on Funimation. So, stay tuned with The Anime Daily to get more updates.

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